Recently, COVID suddenly broke out in Sichuan province; the city was closed, and locals pleaded for help because of a shortage of supplies.

Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen are getting hit with the latest Omicron variant and undergoing mass nucleic acid scanning.

According to official reports, Sichuan Province’s first case in Linshui was an online car-hailing driver on May 9, then nearly 500 new cases within the first week. However, many believe that the accurate data is covered up, and the numbers of actual infected are likely to be higher.

Chinadaily says the province opened a temporary hospital with a thousand beds, run by Wang Kunjie, vice-president of the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and 90 other doctors and nurses.

Locals are asking for help on Weibo, saying front-line doctors and nurses in Sichuan are exhausted, and there are not enough supplies.

They asked authorities to help as Linshui only climbed out of poverty three years ago. There is a severe shortage of materials, and infected cases are beyond their scope.

A netizen said her friend is a nurse from Wusheng County; she had to rush back and forth for supplies since the breakout happened, as local supplies are poor and of minimal help; she could only rest two or three hours a day.

Jiemian News reported that the epidemic in Linshui County, Sichuan, has spread to Chongqing and Shenzhen.

A video circulated on the Internet shows that on the 16th, the epidemic broke out in Guangzhou Jindu Clothing City. To avoid getting locked up, people fled wildly.

A Weibo netizen nicknamed “Thunderbolt Big Black Cat” shared his vision of the Shenzhen lockdown, Shanghai lockdown, Beijing lockdown, and Guangdong lockdown. To him, it’s like a relay run.

The epidemic’s impact is still fresh, people have been wearing masks since the 2020 outbreak, and their health is degenerating. Yet, he feels powerless and doesn’t want to see this continue.

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