On October 1, the pandemic suddenly broke out in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. A hotel was locked down, causing many brides were locked in and could not attend their wedding ceremonies. One groom had to do ceremony through a TV screen, with a face like he was about to cry. This scene caused netizens to mock: “Even the bride can’t escape ‘zero-COVID.'”

A video (0:13 to the end) shows a wedding in Xuzhou, only the groom is standing next to a TV, while the bride appears on the TV screen and they are “married from afar.”

According to the couple’s relatives and friends, on the eve of their wedding, the pandemic broke out and the hotel where the bride was staying was locked down.

NTDTV said that, in order to prepare for the wedding, the groom’s family bought food for guests two or three days in advance. Relatives and friends also attended, and it was too late to cancel the wedding, so they had to arrange an online ceremony. During the wedding, the groom’s expression was very awkward, and very reluctant to kowtow to heaven and earth (a Chinese wedding ritual) with the TV screen.

NTDTV quoted a friend of the groom, “(The groom) didn’t smile during the ceremony, he was very uncomfortable.”

According to Aboluowang, the video of the groom kowtowing to heaven and earth with the “TV” caused a heated debate on the internet. Jiangsu netizen ‘Suzhou zhi ye guwen’ said, “This happened in my hometown, my mother intended to attend the wedding. However, one person was diagnosed with COVID-19, affecting tens of thousands of individuals, causing them to be coded yellow and they couldn’t go anywhere. Five or six brides in a hotel were also quarantined, and the weddings couldn’t be canceled, so the grooms could only take care of the wedding themselves.”

Another video (from beginning to 0:13) also shows that in Xuzhou, while a bride was locked in a hotel, the groom has to offer flowers to propose to her outside the hotel. Then a security guard took the flowers and handed them to the bride, the scene was both strange and awkward.

In addition, according to Yahoo News, in August this year, a groom’s residence in Shanghai was suddenly locked down, resulting in him not being able to attend his wedding. However, the wedding was not delayed because of the groom’s absence. In order to complete the ceremony, the two families came up with the idea of putting a stand-in for the groom. After this wedding photo was made public, it attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

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