Xi had an absolute victory at the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)’s 20th Congress. Almost all the factions opposing Xi in the CCP no longer exist. However, within Xi’s faction, there are signs of cracking, especially in the military.

According to Upmedia, CCP’s military is currently divided into many competing groups, such as the Fujian officers group, the Zhejiang officers group, and the Shanghai officers group.

NTD cited Professor Feng Chongyi from the University of Technology Sydney, saying that the power struggle in authoritarian regimes will never stop. The CCP’s troops come from different localities, so there may be different factions.

Some observers also think there will be conflicts within Xi’s military, but the faction is still unclear.

News commentator Hui Huyu told NTD that, regardless of faction, they are all Xi’s. So even if there is competition, the factions still have to follow Xi’s arrangement. So in the short term, it is difficult for any group to be able to separate into an independent faction in the CCP.

Feng Chongyi said that it is not surprising that there is competition between groups in the CCP in Xi’s third term. The point is that this rivalry doesn’t make much sense if it doesn’t topple Xi from within.

According to Feng, Xi’s subordinates in the new term have low qualifications. This will lead to lower quality of executive decisions, and thus the CCP will further deepen the suffering of the Chinese people.

Feng said that civil uprisings and coups could actually bring down the CCP. However, civic groups need organization and solidarity to make this work.

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