Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported that July 1 this year is the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover of sovereignty to mainland China by Britain, and Chinese leader Xi Jinping will attend related activities and the inauguration ceremony of Hong Kong’s new successor leader Li Jiachao (John Lee).

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, Hong Kong police have confirmed that Xi Jinping will arrive in Hong Kong on the afternoon of June 30 on a two-day visit, marking the first time President Xi has left mainland China since the outbreak of Covid-19 in two and a half years.

The report pointed out that Xi will attend a party hosted by Hong Kong’s outgoing chief executive Carrie Lam at her official residence in the central area on June 30 and meet Li Jiichao, the city’s newly appointed leader, before returning to Shenzhen by train. Then, Xi will go by train to Hong Kong the next day for Li Jiachao’s inauguration ceremony, and Xi will leave Hong Kong immediately afterward, possibly before noon.

Current affairs expert Li Muyang commented on his personal media channel that Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong is a little simpler in terms of length and schedule than in 2017. In 2017, in addition to staying in Hong Kong for three days, Xi also attended a series of official events, including meeting more than 100 Hong Kong politicians and business people and inspecting the military stationed in Hong Kong.

However, Mr. Li Muyang pointed out that the visit this time is short and does not have much activity, but the security measures were quite strict.

According to Hong KongFP, Assistant Commissioner of Hong Kong Police Lui Kam-ho said police would set up the core security zones of the areas Xi Jinping will visit and go through. Nearby pedestrian roads and bridges will be temporarily closed while controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians. 

And from June 29 to July 1 at noon, the exhibition convention center, where the event will be held, will be closed, and a temporary no-fly zone will be set up on both banks of Victoria Harbor to ban all aircraft and flight equipment. There will also be a no-fly zone for small drones in Hong Kong.

SCMP also said a government source revealed that in addition to this area, a no-fly zone will be established above the Xin Jiulong high-speed railway’s terminal station and that “Mr. Xi will be escorted to a bulletproof vehicle inside Jiulong Station. Besides, patrol stations and sprinkler barriers are set up every 10 to 20 meters around the Xin Jiulong Station. Any unauthorized flying object will be shot down,” a government source said.

Another source said at least one Chinese armored vehicle and spray barrier will be deployed in the Jiulong area. 

People designated to the train station must follow the government’s secret arrangement and do a nucleic acid test daily.

Although Xi Jinping will not spend the night in Hong Kong, police officers outside the high-speed train station are not allowed to return home from work but to spend the night at a nearby police station. This is one of the precautions against any sudden incident. 

In addition, the report also pointed out that Hong Kong police announced at a press conference on June 27 that they seized a batch of fake guns and “anti-government flags” and arrested three people, of whom the youngest was 17, the other two were 44-year-old deliverymen and 23-year-old unemployed male.

Police said 38 fake guns were seized, eight knives, a batch of anti-poison masks, and “anti-government flags.” At the 17-year-old young man’s house, they also found air guns, banners with the words “Restoration of the Port, the Time Revolution,” and newspapers with anti-government slogans.

Police also said there was no evidence of a connection between the three people arrested.

On this matter, Li Muyang said, although he was not clear what the intention of Hong Kong police’s sudden announcement was, what Hong Kong police and Beijing authorities wanted to prevent was the “real gun.”

Li Muyang said that on June 10, there was a car crash and shooting on 31A Wyndham, Hong Kong. Police said it was a fight between the two gangs.

Hong Kong Senior Police Director He Zhendong pointed out on the day of the incident that it was not related to real firearms in Hong Kong. However,  the 9mm bullet found at the scene of the incident indicated it came from a semi-automatic pistol.

Li Muyang said the semi-automatic pistol was very powerful and was the main gun used by modern military and police. How did this gun turn up in Hong Kong? And it’s been almost 20 days since the shooting. The shooter has neither been arrested, nor do people know where the gun came from.

Therefore, Li Muyang said that from the police’s description, the shooter could be a member of a Hong Kong gang. However, it is not known whether the gang is related to Zeng Qinghong, a former Chinese vice president who was suspected of manipulating the campaign against the extradition bill in Hong Kong in 2019.

Zeng Qinghong is the second person of the Jiang Zemin faction who served as the first leader of the Hong Kong and Macau Working Coordination Group in 2003. 

Li Muyang said, according to New Era Weekly, before handing over sovereignty to Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s issues were in the hands of Jiang Zemin until Jiang resigned in 2003. At that time, the directions were transferred to Zeng Qinghong. Many Hong Kong factions and gangs came to Beijing to meet the leader, and there are reports that high-ranking thugs were in the delegation.

Li Muyang believes that if this problem is related to Zeng Qinghong, is there only this semi-automatic pistol in the underground world in Hong Kong? Or many other weapons?

If so, Li Muyang judges that under Zeng Qinghong’s leadership, the underground world could be plotting against Xi Jinping. Therefore, the Hong Kong police battle and protection measures for Xi Jinping are in place to prevent any attempt to assassinate Xi.

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