Sun Lijun’s group has been cleared of more concealed crimes by the Chinese regime. However, the Fujian Public Security Bureau has asked the administration to seek the remaining individuals of Sun Lijun’s coup and disqualify them.

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s Xinhua News Agency, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi told a teleconference of the nation’s public security agencies on January 28th, that he would firmly remove the hidden problems of Sun Lijun, former Vice Minister of Public Security, who was recently charged for corruption.

Secretary Huang Haikun, deputy governor of Fujian Province and Party Secretary of the Provincial Department of Public Security presided over the Fujian Provincial Department Party Committee (expanded) meeting on January 27th. 

According to the Fujian Provincial Department of Public Security, the focus should be to seek out and investigate personnel from Sun Lijun’s coup, emphasizing the study of current local authorities in Fujian. 

Those neglected authorities who don’t report the suspects would also be held accountable.

Fujian requires the speedy development of provincial, municipal, and county public security organizations.

After Sun Lijun’s investigation, the Communist Party’s public security system continued to push Sun Lijun’s case further. 

The Ministry of Public Security’s party committee and Theoretical Study Center Group meeting was held on January 28th. The meeting mentioned that the disciplinary organization and the disciplinary cadre should perform their duties.

On January 24th, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held a special meeting on the same topic. The team is led by Wang Xiaohong, a close friend of Xi Jinping and secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security.

Previously, Sun Lijun was the first to appear in a special anti-corruption film titled “Zero Tolerance” broadcast by the Chinese Communist Party’s CCTV. On January 13th, Sun Lijun was convicted on 40 charges. Sun Lijun’s case has received widespread publicity in mainland China. 

Beijing’s crackdown on Sun Lijun appears to go on reaching higher levels. According to a January 25th report by the Voice of America, Feng Chongyi, Chinese researcher Professor of the University of Technology in Australia, said that by focusing on Sun Lijun, Xi Jinping points his finger at Meng Jianzhu, who is behind Sun Lijun. Feng dropped two other names in the same interview: Zeng Qinghong and Jiang Zemin.

According to “The External Propaganda Media Sends a Signal to Clear the “Jiang Zemin Line,” Scholar He Qinglian said that ahead of the 20th Communist Party Congress, Xi Jinping is doing his best to deal with the last remaining opponents in the Communist Party. 

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