To secure re-election for a “third consecutive term” at the 20th National Congress of Deputies, Xi Jinping made a complete action plan on all possible aspects. Here are Xi Jinping’s political major moves to compete with his opponents. 

Publication Tools

Senior officials in Xi’s faction in 2022 have repeatedly used publicity as a tool to send out warnings to his opponents. Xi Jinping would then use his position as China’s current leader and advertise that his ruling policies serve the greatness of the Chinese nation. However, his words point directly to the opposing factions. 

In a January 1st speech at the Sixth Plenary of the 19th Central Committee published in the Journal of “Finding the Truth,” Xi said, “Resolutely investigate, punish those who participate in political gangs, those who operate in interest groups.”

On January 1st at the Central Party School, Xi also said: “[Xi] will never forgive anyone who violates the party discipline and national law.”

Besides Xi’s public speech, public news outlets such as People’s Daily, one of the CCP’s mouthpieces, produced articles that are in line with their leader’s requests. For instance, on January 17th, People’s Daily posted an article mentioning three officials who were sentenced to death due to a Corruption campaign. These articles sent out a dead threat to Xi Jinping’s political rival.

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