On November 14, local time, Xi Jinping arrived in Bali, Indonesia, for the G-20 Summit and to meet with President Joe Biden. At the same time, there are unusual political signals coming from China.

First, there was information on the internet that Jiang Zemin was dead. According to Sound of Hope, often when the CCP’s internal infighting gets hot, news about Jiang Zemin will appear overseas, such as before Zhou Yongkang was formally convicted in September 2014. This time, the CCP’s 20th National Congress had just ended and foreign media believes that whether the news is true or not, it may reflect the beginning of turmoil on the CCP political scene.

Then, on the November 14, someone on Twitter posted that the internal conflicts of the CCP were heating up. Han Zheng, Jing Zemin’s confidant, was placed under house arrest in Hebei by Xu Lingyi, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Some of Han’s immediate family in Shanghai were taken away and some committed suicide. Some said that Han had a huge fortune in Hong Kong.

During the power compromise between Xi Jinping and Jiang at the 19th CCP Congress, Han became a member of the CCP Standing Committee. However, he was not re-elected at the 20th National Congress, and is expected to step down as senior vice premier of the State Council at the National Delegate Congress next year. If the rumors are true, then the fact that Xi beat a senior official about to lose power may very well have another purpose. Xi may be after the people behind Han, or the huge fortune of the Han family.

However, the news cannot be confirmed for the time being. In contrast, Wang Youqun, who collaborates with Wei Jianxing, a former member of the CCP Politburo Standing Committee, published an analysis article in The Epoch Times recently, saying that the last major confrontation in the CCP’s history is certain to take place.

According to Wang, after the 20th National Congress, Xi chose Yan’an as the first stop on his trip and reiterated the “Dan’an rectification movement.” Consistent with his speech at 20th National Congress, Xi’s concerns are about “security,”so his visit to Yan’an could mean that he will continue to carry out a major purge within the Party.

However, Wang said that in order to protect the Party, Xi did not arrest Jiang Zemin in the anti-corruption campaign during his first term but how far the vicious struggle between the two sides will go in the future depends on Xi.

Just as strange news in the country was spreading, Xi met Biden in Bali. This was the first face-to-face meeting between the two since Biden took office, so the two solemnly shook hands and posed for photos.

Biden can be heard in a video greeting and saying, “Nice to meet you.” Unexpectedly, Xi replied, “You are still very strong.” On such a solemn diplomatic occasion, Xi’s way of speaking seemed rather abrupt. The Chinese interpreter simply did not translate that but said a standard greeting in English, “Nice to meet you.”

During the meeting there was such a big difference between the CCP and the U.S. that Wei Lingling, the Wall Street Journal’s senior China economic correspondent, wrote on Twitter, “My domestic friends ask: How much longer is China’s draft compared to the U.S.”

One netizen reacted harshly, “It shows that China wants more in the negotiations, but is getting less.” Another said, “You read both sides’ press releases feeling that they weren’t at the same meeting.”

On the Taiwan issue, a core issue for both sides, some observers said that shortly before Xi’s visit, U.S. media reported that Congress was considering a defense bill for next year, proposing billions of dollars in unprecedented military aid to Taiwan. The U.S. will not soften but wants to show strength so that the CCP does not dare use force against Taiwan.

According to AFP news agency, after the meeting Biden said that he did not believe that China would immediately use force against Taiwan because Xi’s promise.

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