On July 31, people in Jiangyin County, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, posted a video of smashed nucleic acid testing huts, the glass windows were smashed and the equipment inside was also damaged. The news spread on Weibo, unexpectedly bringing a lot of applause. Netizens said that: Not only nucleic acid testing cabins, but also the harmful-to-human nucleic acid testing needs to be smashed. 

A video posted by netizens on Twitter shows that at a certain location in Jiangyin County, Wuxi City, when staff arrived for work in the morning, many of the testing huts had been destroyed.

Sound Of Hope said that after this video was posted on Weibo, many netizens left comments praising and applauding the incident. Here are some of the comments:

“After watching the video, I feel extremely comfortable.”

Another wrote: “I’m not like you, I feel so heartbroken, …. because it’s too late to smash now.”

A netizen said: “(The nucleic acid testing) makes money from us, torments us, it’s too much evil.”

Another scoffed: “This is not being smashed, but being punished by the Thunder.”

“A netizen from Guangdong also commented: “Smash (the nucleic acid laboratories) in Shenzhen, all this should have been smashed a long time ago.”

Even the nucleic acid testing staff joined in approving the comments:

“Actually, we are just working for duty. Smashing is better, all sampling huts in China should be smashed.”

In fact, this is not the first time the nucleic acid sampling sites have been smashed. According to Sohu, on the evening of June 1, a nucleic acid sampling site in Putuo District, Shanghai city was also vandalized. Because at that time staff had not fully prepared the test tubes, the neighborhood committee informed people they no longer had to line up for testing. A resident who had been waiting in line for a long time, hearing this, was extremely disgruntled, grabbed a roadside barricade and threw it at the nucleic acid testing site, and at the same time overturned sampling tables, knocking nucleic acid samples to be scattered on the ground.

Sound Of Hope said, at that time, a netizen posted an article stating his opinion on the incident: “On the surface it looks like smashing the nucleic acid sampling huts, but in reality, the thing they want to smash is … (this person left this blank); after all, when something goes wrong, the responsibility falls only on individuals (frontline workers and the public), and the real problematic person is hidden already.”

In addition, on July 15, Toutiao reported, that a man smashed the nucleic acid testing huts twice in front of the Yiyuezi Assembly Hall, Xincheng District, Hohhot city (capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region). According to the video the incidents happened at dawn on July 12 and July 13. But reports at the time did not say why.

News.cn reported that, at present, although there is no COVID-19 pandemic in many areas of the country, people are still required to cooperate with the so-called “normalization” of the government’s nucleic acid testing. This means that if people want to live a normal life, they have to accept the strict testing requirements. So far a lot of people have been disgusted with the never-ending nucleic acid testing.

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