On October 30, local netizens in Wuhan city recorded a video showing many military vehicles suddenly appearing on the streets of Wuhan, Hubei province, including a military pandemic vehicles. Although Wuhan authorities have not reported any major changes about the pandemic recently, many residences have been suddenly locked down, shops in some areas closed and restaurants have been restricted to indoor eating.

According to a report by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission on October 31, there were no new cases in the province on the October 30, but there were 82 asymptomatic cases. Fifty of those cases are in Wuhan city, 18 in Xiangyang city, 6 in Yichang, 3 in Huanggang and 3 in Tianmen.

According to Vision Times, currently, locals say that the pandemic in Wuhan seems to be gradually heating up. The control area is constantly expanding. Now, there are no people on the streets, many residences are closed. Vegetable markets and businesses are closed, and many are even surrounded by wall panels.

The Wuhan government announced that people need to present a 24-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate when entering residential areas, companies, public places, and using public transportation.

A netizen revealed that a group of people in Hanyang District, Wuhan City went everywhere to play mahjong, as a result, all 5 people were diagnosed with COVID-19. After that, Hanyang district issued a notice: No gatherings for entertainment activities and those who provide the venue will be responsible according to the law!

A Wuhan netizen recorded a video showing that on October 30, many military vehicles suddenly appeared on the streets of Wuhan, including pandemic vehicles, with information that they came to help the local government lockdown the area.

On October 31, the military was involved in the lockdown of residential areas in Wuhan.

Wuhan discusses large number of troops in the city

On Twitter, a netizen retweeted a video and pointed out, “I know this is in Wuhan, and I also know that these must be government or military vehicles, and it doesn’t matter what they are here for, but it’s probably not that simple. As a small citizen, I just want the lockdown lifted tomorrow so I can go out.” Another said, “Wuhan pneumonia never seems to spread within the government, police, and army, does the virus also obey the Party?”

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