Dandong, Liaoning Province, has been locked down for an extended time. Then on June 12, some residents gathered to protest and chanted the slogan “Cancel nucleic acid testing, restore production and business.” According to Epoch Times, several people rushed to the gate of the residential area and broke down the barricades.

On May 7, in Building 1 at Apartment Complex 5 in Jinxiu Huacheng, a positive case of covid was reported. That night, everyone in the building was taken to the Shenyang concentrated isolation area 250 km away. As it turns out, the epidemic prevention and control workers also “put the wrong person” into isolation, leading to the public reaction.

A video of “The incident of sending the wrong person from Jinxiu Huacheng” has been spread online. In the video, the owners of the Jinxiu Huacheng area questioned the epidemic prevention medical staff there. They queried that “building 1 has no positive cases of Covid. Are you doing it wrong?” The medical staff of the area’s epidemic prevention team replied: “Yes.”

NetEase quoted Li Lei, a householder in the Jinxiu Huacheng Building 1, who told Health Times that on May 7, householders received a notice from the residential area that the 13th floor of the building had a case of Covid. Hence, the residents residing in the building had to move to the Shenyang concentrated isolation area. Li Lei said: “That evening, more than a dozen buses were dispatched. Except for the elderly and children, everyone in the residential area cooperated with the epidemic prevention team to go to the concentrated isolation area. Finally, after returning from quarantine, we discovered that no one had tested positive in our area.

People found out that one person tested positive but was in Beijing and hadn’t been there for a year. The positive case was on the 13th floor of the building next door, building number 2.” Before being sent to the concentrated isolation area, apartments in building 1 had been in lockdown since April 28. Residents had remained at home for 14 days.

Therefore, the residents of Building 1 were angry and went to the management board of Jinxiu Huacheng to dispute their case. Li Lei admitted that day, the management of the area confirmed to the residents that they were wrong. But then the neighborhood Secretary said the lockdown was not incorrect. They do these things entirely according to Dandong’s epidemic prevention policy.

The incident of sending the wrong person from Jinxiu Huacheng has angered the netizens. Epoch Times quoted some comments from people: “Dandong is in a mess right now. The people here are about to collapse.” 

“After all, are you fighting the epidemic or making a boring joke? This joke has already been shared across the country, a joke to 1.4 billion people.”

One netizen also said, “the whole city has been locked down for more than 50 days! Many people can’t stand it nor can they explain it, there are elderly people starving to death in their homes! But the news was all suppressed, even to question the Dandong authotity online was considered a black warning, really helpless!”

One netizen replied, “You want the rain to stop when Dragon King is selling umbrellas?” (meaning authorities take advantage of the epidemic to profit like the Dragon King creates rain to sell umbrellas to the people). “In the last few years, vaccines, masks, some drugs, and even nucleic acid testing have brought (them) a lot of money.” This resident continued.

Epoch Times quoted official data showing that since the outbreak of the epidemic on April 24 in Dandong, as of June 15, high-speed trains have not been running for more than 80 days. There has been almost no activity in Dandong for 49 days, and the entire population has taken a nucleic acid test 41 times.

According to official reports, Dandong announced the recovery and restoration of production and business at the end of May. However, so far, most people are still unable to go out and move around freely.

A video posted on the social media site said that, due to the long-term lockdown, residents of some communities in Dandong gathered to protest on June 12, demanding that the lockdown order be lifted. In the video, some residents in the community unfurled banners that said, “Cancel nucleic acid testing to restore production and business,” and shouted slogans. After no response, some residents rushed to the gate and broke through the blockade.

According to a press release on the official website of the Dandong city authority, on Monday, June 13, the mayor, Hao Jianjun, held a symposium. He spent more than three hours “listening to the voice of the establishment” and said, “we’d like to take this opportunity to express our apologies.”

According to the Epoch Times, on June 14, Wang Yong, a resident of the new Dandong District, said the video of residents demanding the lifting of the blockade on the Ngan Hanh residential area was because some Dandong residents hadn’t worked for three months, how do they pay the bank loan? They still can’t go to work. So they gathered to ask for the lockdown to be lifted and restore production and business.

Wang Yong said, “70-80% of people in Dandong have a car loan. For me, the monthly payment for a car loan is more than 3,000 yuan (almost $450), and the cost of living is about 2000 yuan (almost $300), a total of 5000 yuan per month (about $750). Locked in for several months now, our family has spent more than 1,700–1,800 yuan (about $250 to $270) with no savings, no credit cards, and we can’t even get a loan. Our parents have helped and supported us a little bit. Right now, all of Dandong is in the same situation.”

He also said their children had not eaten fruit for more than 20 days. From the April 25 blockade until now, Dandong’s delivery units are closed, and buying vegetables on forum groups is very expensive. I only dare to eat noodles for breakfast, dinner, and rice with pickles, only eat two meals a day. However, there has been no news of a return to normal production and business. Some people can’t stand it anymore, like in the restaurant business, the daily rent is hundreds to thousands of yuan, and they stress that they need to return to production and business.”

But, he said videos were blocked and deleted when they were posted online. As a result, videos about Dandong were hard to find on social media. “Yesterday, I saw a residential area protesting, some people were quick to go live, but in less than 5 minutes, it was blocked.”

He said, “I don’t know how many times the nucleic acid test has been done. So far, people don’t know where the source of the disease started. When a residential area reacts, officials lift the blockade for 2 hours and then resume the blockade. The day before in our new area, about 40% of the residents protested, asking to go out to buy things, then from 4-6 p.m. they let us go out to buy things, but did not allow us to drive, then they continued the lockdown, over and over again.”

Wang Yong said, “We don’t watch the news anymore, because it does not reflect the truth, for us it has no meaning. But when we called the hotline 12345, no one answered. When we called the town’s number they said to find the area manager. When we called the area manager, they said to call the professional department, it’s useless to behave like that.”

To verify, Epoch Times reporters dialed the Dandong authorities hotline 12345. Unfortunately, the call was switched to an auto-answer, saying, “the line is busy.” Contacting the Dandong Center for Disease Control and Prevention is also impossible.

Wan Min, a resident of the Zhen’an area of ​​Dandong city, said on June 14, since the Dandong authorities implemented the lockdown, around May 18, the lockdown has been lifted once for part of a day.

She said, “previously, the small-scale lockdown was lifted, but nominally, it’s a complete lift, operating in a very small area, just within the shopping mall in the urban area.” During this time, the authorities “only lifted the lockdown before the Mid-year Festival so that everyone could go out once to buy things, because people were not reassured.”

She added, “After more than 50 days of lockdown, I think no one could accept it. More importantly, there are new cases every day, basically it’s impossible to know when it will end.”

For example, before May 13, the authorities reported no new cases for 13 continuous days. On May 13, about 14 days after the lockdown was lifted, they suddenly announced that there were 11 new infections, “Every time the lockdown expires, new infections emerge. Everyone finds this statistic strange.”

This year is the second year after Wan Min graduated from university. From June-July, the provinces begin consecutive recruitment of teachers. “In terms of recruitment, fresh graduates have some advantages over ones who have already entered society, but now I can’t go anywhere in this lockdown,” Wan Min said.

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