On Saturday, Sept. 10, China celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, an annual traditional Chinese culture festival routinely used by the communist regime to advertise its power in Chinese embassies and neighborhoods around the world. But in Sydney, Australia, this year, the regime’s intentions were marred by a peaceful protest staged by two young people demanding the release of their father, a prisoner of conscience incarcerated by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities.

In front of the Chinese consulate in Sydney, two young twin sisters stand peacefully with two signs: “Free Huang Zhisong immediately” and the other read “Freedom of religion.” Both women, Doudou and Guoguo, are recognized in the YouTube community for owning an entertainment news channel. 

Huang Zhisong, the father of the girls and a practitioner of the Falun Gong spiritual discipline, was arrested by the CCP on charges of “Participating in a cult to break the law.” In the meantime, he is awaiting a court hearing informing him of his sentence.

What is the Falun Gong or Falun Dafa discipline?

Falun Dafa is described as an ancient discipline based on a series of simple exercises and meditation with proven benefits for people’s physical and spiritual health. In addition, its teachings are based on the principles of Truth, Benevolence, and Tolerance as fundamental pillars. 

Its millenary origins are identified with the Buddha School, and its qigong (Chi Kung) teachings and exercises serve to attune the body, soul, and spirit. 

Its practitioners often claim to follow the path of XiuLian. Xiu (cultivate) consists of personal and spiritual self-improvement and elevation as the person progresses in incorporating the teachings based on the universal values of Truth-Benevolence-Tolerance. At the same time, Lian (refining) refers to practicing five exercises and meditation to improve the body.

The practice of the discipline is free and self-motivated, no institutions intervene, and no point of view manifests commercial or economic interests. Neither does it have hierarchical organizations of power. The only objective displayed by its practitioners is to improve themselves physically and spiritually, seeking to share with the rest of society the good traditional customs linked to the values of Truth, Benevolence, and Tolerance.

Why is the CCP persecuting Falun Gong?

More than two decades had passed since July 1999, when CCP leader Jiang Zemin officially began persecuting Falun Dafa and its followers. 

The CCP, without further argument, outlawed the practice of Falun Gong and launched a massive campaign to eradicate the popular faith from the entire country, imprisoning millions of people over the following decades. Since then, thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have died due to torture and abuse by security forces, and the number continues to rise. 

Jiang Zemin announced the persecution in 1999, with directives that included “ruining their (Falun Gong practitioners’) reputation, breaking them financially, and destroying them physically,” as witnesses later recounted.

In 1999, the CCP included Falun Gong on its list of “Xie Jiao,” a compilation of groupings that it declares to be “heterodox teachings,” also translated as “evil sects.” Hence Huang Zhisong was detained for “participating in a cult.”

The touching story of Huan Zhisong and his family

Huang Zhisong was the deputy manager of Anqing Huacheng Company’s plastics factory in Anhui and was the income earner for his family, which consisted of his wife and two young twin daughters. Huang and his wife were Falun Dafa practitioners and seemed to lead an everyday, uneventful life until the CCP decided overnight to declare persecution against practitioners of the spiritual discipline.

Since then, their family’s life has not been able to find peace again. Their children witnessed CCP police raiding their home, and their parents were frequently arrested and then released. 

The girls grew up fearing losing their parents in a family environment of righteousness and determination for their spiritual beliefs. 

When the girls grew up, their parents allowed them to go to live in Australia, where they could develop more freely and away from the perversity of the communist regime. There they managed to get the Immigration Service to grant them permanent residency. Now, with extreme courage, they dare to denounce the aberrations committed by the CCP and demand the release of their father. But unfortunately, he has again been imprisoned and is awaiting a final sentence telling him how much more time he will have to endure in prison.

Practitioners peacefully demonstrate worldwide to expose the CCP

The case of Huang Zhisong and his family is one of thousands upon thousands of such stories. Many Falun Dafa practitioners have managed to escape from China, and from abroad, they dedicate their lives to telling the world what is happening under the repression of the CCP. 

In large and small cities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, practitioners organize daily to hold peaceful demonstrations in front of Chinese embassies and consulates, neighborhoods, and other places where large crowds gather. Their goal is to spread the practice and tell people about the persecution of their fellow practitioners in China and other parts of the world wherever the tentacles of the CCP reach. 

In-depth investigations by practitioners and human rights organizations have led important institutions to recognize and condemn the persecution. Such is the case of the European Parliament, which recently passed an urgent resolution condemning the serious forced organ harvesting in China. But unfortunately, Falun Dafa practitioners are the primary victims of this horror.

China is on the eve of significant changes during a trade war with the United States, along with its internal crises and the possibility of war with Taiwan and its Western allies. In addition, in a few days the 20th CCP Congress will be held, where the renewal of Xi Jinping as leader of the regime will be confirmed, or another one will be elected. In either case, it will have to take a stand on how to respond to the enormous number of complaints from the international community regarding issues related to the weakness of human rights in the country.

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