The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has selected 30 naturalized athletes with foreign ties (naturalized in China) to participate in the Winter Olympics, including 28 ice hockey athletes.

Susan Brownell, professor of anthropology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis stated that the CCP had selected 30 naturalized athletes with foreign ties to participate in the Winter Olympics.

As Brownell said, China is also cautious of publicly announcing that it allowed foreign-born and foreign-raised sportsmen unusual exemption to its nationality rules. She especially mentioned enabling them to naturalize as Chinese citizens without relinquishing their dual nationalities.

Brownell said, “After the Beijing Games, they’re going to assess public opinion about having those athletes in the team: Was it good for Chinese sports, patriotism and the government’s image, or was there a negative nationalist backlash?”

Brownell added, “You’ve got hundreds of thousands of people in China that really want dual citizenship. If you give it to athletes, the other people immediately are going to start saying, ‘What about me?’ I think that’s why you have the silence.”

Yuan Hongbing, an Australian tourism lawyer, told Da Ji Yuan that what the CCP has put forward is the wrong law.

Li Yuanhua, a former professor at Beijing Capital Normal University, said that many Winter Olympic ice and snow sports do not have any background in China. To showcase its achievements and strengthen its dictatorship, the CCP can only take the shortcut of naturalization. In this naturalization process, the authorities can receive a lot of money. At the same time, it circumvents its own laws (dual citizenship is not allowed) and avoids talking about them.

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