Rumors that Xi Jinping was under house arrest appeared in major U.S. and European media sites, which really caused the Chinese Communist Party to lose face. The public reaction behind this rumor is what worries the CCP more.

RFA said that a director of a Chinese media agency, who asked to remain anonymous, directly denied the coup in Zhongnanhai. Previous related reports on some sites have been censored and deleted. The varying standards, scope, and limitations of articles about Li Keqiang’s activities are closely monitored by state media.

Li believes that so far, there has been no sign of stopping Xi from being re-elected, which has left many, including him, desperate.

Cheng Yizhong, the founder of the Southern Metropolis Daily, previously believed all claims that the CCP had changed direction. Former Party members who have stepped back are actually just the unilateral imagination of the Chinese intellectuals. Cheng said that many people lack a basic understanding of the nature of the CCP — the CCP is incapable of self-correction.

A special feature of this coup is that both the private sector and the media are interested in rumors that Xi is under house arrest.

This was also mentioned to RFA by a senior figure with close ties to a CCP power person. The source said that Xi did indeed face challenges, but more importantly, the fact that Xi might be prevented from being re-elected became a hot spot, which in itself demonstrated the will of the people and this is Xi’s biggest concern.

In fact, Xi’s initial situation was not so difficult, on the contrary, after the 18th National Congress, he launched an anti-corruption campaign, which was once widely supported by the people. However, in order to facilitate constitutional amendments and cancel the presidency, Xi compromised with his political rival, Jiang Zemin, at the 19th National Congress, and did not strongly oppose corruption and missed the crossroads in the reform. Then he made one mistake after another. Amid an international uproar against the CCP, Xi saw the CCP as the source of his power. The CCP turned more to the left, speeding up progress toward a dead end. Seeing the waves of disaster coming, the Chinese will turn their anger on Xi.

In particular, the “zero-COVID” policy has destroyed the Chinese economy and deepened the confrontation between the regime and the people. Violent protests continue to erupt across China.

In the middle of the night on September 25, a mass protest finally broke out in the residential area of ​​Wang Jialiang in Urumqi, Xinjiang, after people had been in lockdown for 47 days. Residents yanked iron doors and shouted, “Unlock the lockdown.”

A local netizen posted on Weibo saying that during the protest, no bystander showed indifference. All viewers took out their phones to film or live stream, then they used the video they recorded to negotiate with pandemic workers. Just a few hours later, the government announced it had ended the lockdown order.

With the encouragement of the people of Wang Jialiang, the people of Yili in Xinjiang also began to resist.

A chat from a WeChat group showed that Yili’s resistance was stronger than ​​in Wang Jialiang. All residential areas participated and people outside by themselves. After ​​Wang Jialiang there will be many others. ​

Another clash also broke out in Shenzhen on September 26. People in Futian District and Luohu District gathered to demand the end of the lockdown.

The people of Futian focused on shouting “Give us our freedom.”

Among them, the protest in Shawei village, Futian District attracted the most attention. The scale surpassed the protest in ​​Wang Jialiang. Tens of thousands of people went out into the streets. Authorities sent the police to suppress the protesters and the two sides had a scuffle.

Whether the popular protest will become a spark is arguably the most worrying issue for the CCP. Anyway, the color revolutions in Venezuela, Iran, and Ukraine in the past have left a lesson. Especially in Iran, the unfortunate plight of a 22-year-old woman has sparked nationwide fury. On the contrary, the Chinese regime’s eradication of COVID has made the lives of the people miserable, which is worth paying attention to.

At the same time, the international community’s stance against the CCP in Europe and the United States is increasingly clear.

In an article by commentator Zhang Tianliang published on Sound of Hope in early September, it was predicted that, even if Xi is re-elected at the 20th National Congress, he will have difficult days ahead. Zhang said that the top leadership position of the CCP has been taken without legitimacy, so others will take it. And Xi will worry that people will doubt each other. A political purge will come and then no one will really have good days.

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