Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for a review of the U.S. role in the Indo-Pacific region amid China’s growing threat against Taiwan on March 16. Speaking at a Heritage Foundation event, he affirmed that Taiwan did not belong to China and called for the protection of its sovereignty.

He said, “It is not part of China. If it became part of China, this would not be reunification, this would be an aggressive action to destroy the sovereignty of an independent country, and for an awfully long time.”

Although the Ukraine war has drawn the world’s attention, Pompeo warned the U.S. and its allies not to lay aside Taiwan’s growing danger. He said, “We need to make sure that we continue to focus on things that present the next risk, the next great challenge to human dignity, our civilization, and our way of life here at home.”

For a long time, the Chinese communist regime has claimed that self-governed Taiwan was a part of China, clinging to the so-called “One-China policy.” The regime continuously sends fighter jets into the island’s air defense zone.

However, he mentioned that the West has drifted away from its stance “under coercive threats from the Chinese Communist Party.”

Concerning that the prosperous island became the Chinese regime target, the former secretary stated that the West needed to provide the Taiwanese people ‘the tools and resources they need’ in case they had to fight for their nation.

He also added that the world needed to recognize Taiwan as an independent country, saying, “no leaders in the West have been prepared to state the simple fact that this is an independent sovereign nation. We need to protect Taiwan’s sovereignty. It is time that the U.S. do so.”

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