1. A tornado ripped through Guangzhou on June 16

Parts of Guangzhou city were hit by a tornado, accompanied by violent thunder during heavy rain on June 16. One video shows plenty of electrical activity and sparks around the tornado. During the tornado, electric wires were damaged, and as a result, the local government cut off the power supply to more than 5,400 users in the sprawling capital of southern Guangdong province.

  1.  Once-in-a-decade torrential rain batters Guangdong province

324.4 mm (12.5”) was the past record for average rainfall in Guangdong. During the last ten years, the peak was recorded in 2019 at 383.7 mm (15’’). Now, however, the province saw its record rainfall in a decade with average total rainfall of 404.5 mm (16”) from May 21 to June 15. 

  1. Violent storms hit Beijing with egg-sized hailstones on June 12

Many districts in Beijing have been faced with strong winds and heavy rain. Notably, relentless hail fell in some parts of the city. The extreme weather caused hail to damage cars, and smashed holes in windows. Some hailstones measured about 5 centimeters (nearly 2 inches) in diameter.  

  1. 12 consecutive earthquakes struck Sichuan on June 10

On June 10, Malkang city, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan province, experienced 12 earthquakes consecutively. The highest magnitude to hit was 6.0, with a  depth of 13 kilometers. At least four people were injured and more than 25 thousand people have been affected in some way. Many facilities and infrastructures are heavily damaged, such as streets, farmhouses, bridges, and culverts.

  1. ‘Devil’s face’ appears in Beijing, followed by dime-like hailstones

A large orange cloud formed in Beijing’s northern sky on June 4. The cloud gradually turned red when the sun was setting, and hung in the sky like candy cotton. Its crooked nose and slanted eyes make it look like a devil’s face. Heavy rain and hail fell in many places of the city. Massive hail storms with dime-shaped stones covered the ground up to 30 centimeters deep.

  1.  Devastating floods across the southern part of the country

From June 12 to June 17, Guangxi faced over-alarm floods in 39 stations of 33 rivers. In some flood-stricken areas of Guangxi, 621,500 users suffered a power cut. 

Guangdong province has also faced critical floods, recording the highest water level of the century. Hundreds of residents became trapped, and nearly 7,000 people had to be relocated. Heavy rainfall produced secondary disasters, including mudslides, landslides, and houses collapsing, causing 35 deaths with many still missing.

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