During a meeting held by the Ministry of Public Security’s Party Committee, secretary of the Party Committee Wang Xiaohong emphasized the need to purify the political ecology and resolutely eliminate the influence of political parties, especially Sun Lijun’s group.

Wang presided over a Ministry of Public Security meeting on May 18. The conference emphasized maintaining the 20th National Congress’ security and stability and welcoming its convening.

The meeting also underlined the importance of purifying the political ecosystem and eliminating Sun Lijun’s political ties.

Wang formed a special group on January 24 to clear out Sun Lijun’s group. The Beijing authorities have yet to declare the newest developments.

Sun Lijun is a former Chinese politician and police officer. He was also the director of the ministry’s Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs Office and the deputy director of the 610 Office, which was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

In April 2020, the Chinese authorities announced that Sun Lijun was under investigation.

According to the ruling Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI,) Sun Lijun was expelled for public security. He was accused of forming an interest group, cultivating personal power, storing a private stash of confidential materials, and forming cliques to take over a critical government department.

According to RFA, the September 30 statement said [quote], “He formed a cabal to take control over [a] key department[s], seriously jeopardizing political security and party unity.” [end quote]

Sun graduated from New South Wales State University in Australia with a degree in public health. According to RFA, Sun’s final public appearance was in Wuhan in March 2020. He was deployed as part of a central government steering group to coordinate the pandemic response after the pandemic broke out in late 2019.

Hu Ping, a U.S.-based founder of the online magazine Beijing Spring, said there are rumors that Sun leaked secrets about the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic to Australia.

Hu said that he wondered why Australia is particularly tough on China on the issue of tracing the origins of the pandemic. Maybe those rumors weren’t groundless after all.

In this regard, some analysts believe that it cannot be ruled out that there will be a big political purge before the 20th National Congress.

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