The Chinese regime’s strict pandemic prevention policy is making more and more people resist. A video circulating on social media shows an 80-year-old man in Sichuan refusing to take a nucleic acid test, criticizing pandemic prevention staff. Another woman condemned Beijing’s pandemic prevention policy as evil.

An elderly gentleman in Sichuan refuses to take nucleic acid test

On September 16, Zhang Hai, a Chinese citizen who asked the Wuhan government to stop hiding the pandemic, posted a video on Twitter with the content. “A determined old man refused to do a nucleic acid test, what a clear stance old man.”

In the video, two female pandemic prevention workers in protective clothing came to ask the man to take a nucleic acid test, and asked him to put on a mask.

He told the two workers, “Your requests are unreasonable. If I stay at home, why should I wear a mask, just keep a distance of 1m, you and I should also keep a little further away.”

A female employee also admitted that what the old man said was “reasonable.”

He said again, “Of course since you came, I have to say it very clearly, I have seen the documents, if the documents say that testing is mandatory, I will do (the test), otherwise I won’t. I don’t care what your leaders say.”

The man said that the staff should not act like machines but they should think about what they’re doing. They go around just doing what they’re told instead of thinking if the policy is good and should they be doing that.

‘The evil anti-pandemic policy towards the people, making people hover between life and death’

Another video shows a woman complaining to pandemic workers who come to her house, “(You) all do as you please, everywhere you do the same, you don’t let people go anywhere. Isn’t such a pandemic prevention policy evil? How much more evil do you want? Making people hover between life and death. If my father died, I can’t even have a funeral? Isn’t that evil enough?”

She pointed out that these lockdown measures were like being in prison. she quite sarcastically wanted to thank the CCP.

She angrily added that China should just be a normal country. The pandemic is all over the world but only China is going to such extremes. She pointed out in other parts of the world they were loosening controls and people weren’t dying.

Tianjin ordered to test the entire city, frustrating netizens

On September 16, Tianjin city, seen as Beijing’s shield, conducted a citywide nucleic acid test. From 9 a.m, Tianjin’s subway line No. 1, Lilou, was temporarily closed.

Tianjin authorities said that the nucleic acid test results from September 15 were considered abnormal. Tianjin was divided into high, medium, and low risk regions, and restrictions were implemented accordingly.

NTDTV quoted netizens complaining that they were in lockdown again. One netizens wrote, “I have to admit it’s unbearable, they really know how to torture people.”

One Twitter user said, “The CCP’s repressive policy will one day lead to its downfall.”

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