Vehicles combust due to high temperatures as a heatwave bakes China

China is experiencing record heat waves this summer. Recently, the surface temperature in Guangdong reached 80 degrees Celsius (176°F). This has caused many spontaneous car fires and explosions to occur frequently in July.

While moving, a red Ferrari was on fire from Houhai Street, Fengze District, Houzhu Bridge, Quanzhou City, on July 25. The car was burned down just a moment later, leaving only the iron frame. Fortunately, the driver could get out of the car before it burst into flames.

Also, on July 24, a private car parked on the side of the road in Fuzhou, Jiangxi, suddenly exploded with a bang. Footage shows the shards of glass and the car door were thrown out, almost hitting a person standing nearby, and the whole car was on fire.

Additionally, there were also two other car fires on July 23 in Yibin, Sichuan, and Zhongshan, Guangdong. No one was injured in these fires, but the vehicles were badly damaged.

According to Chinese media, not only fuel cars but also electric cars are affected by high temperatures. There have been many spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles across China involving multiple car companies and brands.

Data released by the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management in the first quarter of 2022, 19,000 fires of various types of vehicles were reported. Among that, 640 involved new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 32%.

Hebei: Middle School forces female students to cut their hair

For the reason that “Long hair will affect learning,” a high school in Hebei province has required students to cut their hair short, following regulations.

The school has listed the “standard hairstyles” for male and female students in the “Admission Instructions” for freshmen. Among them, the hairstyle requirements for high-1 female freshmen include: “Hair does not reach the shoulders, short bangs”, and “the hair on the side should not cover the ears.” The school’s image shows that female students hair requirements are no different from male students.

This sparked a heated discussion among netizens. Most people think that this rule is too strict for teenagers.

Fresh food business suddenly on dissolution crisis, victims fight for rights

Missfresh, a pioneer in the home delivery fresh food business in China, unexpectedly closed its business on July 28, just one year after it went public.

According to Sina, Missfresh’s official website issued an announcement on July 28 saying that the company had to make major adjustments to its sustainable business strategy due to the lack of funds from potential investors. Including temporarily closing the service and optimizing employees.

On the same day, a recording of the daily communication between Missfresh HR and employees circulated on the Internet showed that the company’s new round of financing had not yet arrived. They cannot pay the employees’ arrears of wages within the agreed time limit.

Many suppliers have also been in debt for a long time. On July 29 , they brought children and banners to the company’s headquarters to protect their rights and demand that their debts be paid on time. [video]

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