President Joe Biden had a two-hour video call meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on March 18, discussing the consequences China would face if it assisted Russia and reiterating that Washington’s policy towards Taiwan remained unchanged. In this regard, Taiwan’s Presidential spokesman responded to this event on the 19th.

Chang Tun-Han, spokesperson of the Presidential Office of Taiwan, said that President Biden in the meeting reaffirmed his commitment to Taiwan and emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Chang also thanked the US for attaching importance to the security of the Taiwan Strait and for its firm support to Taiwan.

He said that China should assume its due international responsibilities, join the ranks of the international community, stop Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and make efforts to help resolve disputes peacefully.

The Presidential Office’s spokesperson once again said that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the Indo-Pacific region were the common responsibility of all parties in the region and the international community’s common expectation. As a member of the region, it is hoped that China should also take up common responsibilities.

In addition, Chang Tun-Han added that Taiwan would continue to work closely with like-minded countries, including the United States, to jointly contribute to global and regional peace, stability, and prosperity and work with the international community to continue supporting Ukraine.

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