In an interview with The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies on March 14, General Kenneth Wilsbach, Commander of the Pacific Air Forces, warned China not to take advantage of the Russia-Ukraine crisis to launch an attack on neighboring countries.

According to Wilsbach, China’s first lesson from the Russia-Ukraine crisis is to recognize the strong international response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The international community has imposed many sanctions and diplomatic measures on Russia while also helping Ukraine.

Wilsbach said, “I’m hoping that China will recognize that, and realize that something very similar, maybe even more robust would happen, if they were to conduct some kind of unprovoked attack on one of their neighbors.”

Wilsbach went on, “Some kind of unprovoked attack inside of the Indo-Pacific region certainly would provide some kind of solidarity for the nations of the Pacific to come together and oppose something like that.”

Wilsbach also stated Beijing should see the immense cost Russians have incurred for the war.

He said, “They’ve killed so many of their own people as well as those in Ukraine, and I’m hopeful that China will pay attention to that as well.”

The General also said he watched China’s movement closely during the Russia-Ukraine war.

He stated, “I’m keeping a close eye on where they might take advantage.”

“China is still operating in the Pacific and many instances outside the rule of law and the rules-based international order.”

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