According to Chinese media outlet XiwangZhisheng, the U.S. Congress recently introduced two more blockbuster bills against Beijing. The bills aim to further restrict the visas of Chinese travelers to the U.S. and strengthen competitiveness against China.

Congressman Jim Banks introduced the “Communist Visa Transparency Act of 2022” on May 12. The bill requires all visa applicants to the U.S. to report any affiliation with Beijing and ties to China’s military, paramilitary organizations, law enforcement, public security, or state security forces.

As reported on Jim Bank’s official website, the bill would strengthen President Trump’s 2020 visa order enforcement.

The State Secretary will include a question of whether the person whose origin is Chinese is or has been a member of, employed by, or funded by any Chinese organization or forces into the DS-260 form.

In addition, a Conference Committee meeting on bipartisan innovation and competition legislation was held the same day. Over 100 lawmakers hope that the U.S. will be more competitive against Beijing by injecting resources into the U.S. technology industry.

Chinese media outlet XiwangZhisheng consulted Samp, a senior current affairs commentator, about the influence of these two blockbuster bills.

According to Samp, people affiliated with the Chinese regime have to choose between continuing their association with the communist regime or obtaining a U.S. visa. Members of the regime who need to enter or remain in the United States will be denied or deported.

Samp believes that this move will create a certain degree of deterrence, gradually removing what he called a poisonous tumor and stasis in the U.S. He adds that the U.S. should at least strictly scrutinize anyone related to the Chinese regime.

Regarding the impacts of the two bills on the Chinese regime and the relations between the U.S. and China, Samp says the bills reflect the widening gap between the two nations in values and actual interests.

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