According to Deutsche Welle’s report, the wave of dropping out of school in Hong Kong has attracted the attention of foreign media. A wave of migration broke out in Hong Kong when the “National Security Law” was enacted, and the consequences are constantly looming.

According to a newly published research report, the number of students dropping out of school in the 2020/2021 school year increased 1.7 times from the previous year to 4,460.
On average, each school has 32 students dropping out of school, 6 of them leaving Hong Kong, and the rate of teachers leaving to emigrate is seven times higher.

Fang, a 45-year-old humanities teacher, said he had resigned and immigrated to the UK in July.
On the day of his resignation, he told the school if a student shouted slogans in the schoolyard one day, he would not be able to call the police to arrest his student, as he just can’t do that.
The Hong Kong education industry has faced tremendous pressure, and the Hong Kong Education Professionals Association was dissolved on Sept. 11.

According to a Reuters report in September, the principals of some schools revealed that the teacher turnover rate in 2021 was twice the regular rate.

The research report says that the departure of Hong Kong teachers and students represents a loss of talent in Hong Kong, which directly affects the future development of Hong Kong. The report also mentions that many new educational methods are constantly being introduced, creating severe problems for students’ mental health. The work pressure of teachers has doubled, and this may cause the remaining teachers to leave their jobs early.

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