British think tank Taiwan Policy Center released a report on May 13, calling for the UK to take more active political and diplomatic actions to deter China’s aggression against Taiwan. Former member of Parliament, James Bethell, pointed out that the Ukraine situation has shown that firm support from international allies is important to counter aggression from authoritarian states.

The report, titled ‘Ukraine Today, Taiwan Tomorrow?’, suggests that the UK should abandon the outdated strategic ambiguity policy towards Taiwan. The country should warn the Chinese regime about the price of being aggressive against this island.

In response to potential threats from communist China, the UK government should consider crafting a delineation of possible actions against China like sanctions. But to do that without harming the British economy, the government needs to reduce its dependence on China’s supply chain.

In terms of military, the report recommends that the UK assist Taiwan in possessing the necessary armaments to develop asymmetric combat capabilities. At the same time, the island should create a course of action with Taiwan and its allies as soon as possible to break through the blockade China may seek in the future.

Diplomatic-wise, the report also suggested that the British government bring its Taiwan policy in alignment with that of the U.S. In addition, London should increase the frequency of high-level bilateral visits between the two countries.

The UK should ensure that a free and democratic Taiwan can participate in international organizations like the United Nations or other alliances.

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