According to the USNI News, the San Diego Naval Base will send four unmanned surface vessels or USVs to Hawaii this summer to participate in the world’s largest naval warfare exercise, RIMPAC 2022.

This plan is to improve the integrity between unmanned and manned Navy forces.

Considering from a command-and-control perspective, these ships can collect a lot of data and strengthen the integration with the manned fleet.

USVs are supposed to act as the supporting shooter of the traditional fleet.

The manned ships are considered mother ships that issue commands and control the USVs, strengthening the surface action group (SAG) attack capability.

The U.S. Navy expects to acquire three additional USVs over the next few years. Two come from the Ghost Fleet Overlord program, and the third will be built from scratch as a prototype.

As 9news reported, the 2022 National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) signed into law last year says the U.S. should invite Taiwan to join RIMPAC 2002. Such action will help Taiwan in the face of China’s increasingly coercive and aggressive behavior.

RIMPAC is the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise, joining many countries. However, China has been excluded from the drill since 2018. Washington officially disinvited Beijing from joining RIMPAC due to its growing aggression in the South China Sea.

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