Two women in Guangzhou, China, clashed with pandemic workers on November 17 and the workers used force to restrain them, forcing them to kneel with their hands tied behind their backs. Videos and related photos have drawn strong criticism on the internet.

The pandemic in Guangzhou is heating up, there are frequent reports of people being dissatisfied with excessive pandemic measures, seriously affecting people’s lives, leading to frequent protests and conflict. During the November 17 incident, while one woman knelt she held her head high in defiance while the other woman laid on the ground with her hands and feet bound. The related videos and photos went viral on the Internet and were heavily criticized.

According to some videos (scroll down for more videos and photos), the incident happened in Luntou Village, Haizhou District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. The two women first argued with the pandemic workers and loudly criticized them. The two sides went back and forth for a long time.

Then, a man in a light-colored shirt lunged at the girl in black wearing a mask and knocked her to the ground. Then some men rushed over and tied the hands of the girl without a mask behind her back.

Another video (0:4 – 0:12) shows the girl not wearing a mask scolding the pandemic workers saying that “there will be retribution.” The girl in black still had her hands tied behind her back, and quietly sat up beside her friend.

The next video (6:08 to the end) shows the two being released.

According to Aboluowang, the incident sparked heated discussions and one netizen wondered if the police even had the power to hogtie citizens or make them kneel in public.And if it wasn’t the police then who was doing this to the young women? Did they have the authority to physically punish them and embarrass them like that? And finally the Criminal Procedure Law clearly states that the procuracy has repeatedly emphasized authorities are not allowed to parade citizens around in public and the “Civil Law” also provides for the protection of the rights and interests of the citizens. The pandemic workers are suspected of violating these legal provisions.

Many netizens condemned the men for tying up people. It was too rough.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan at the end of 2019, the Chinese Communist Party has adhered to the “zero-COVID” policy to eliminate the pandemic, causing countless humanitarian disasters. Pandemic workers from all over the country even locked the outside doors of people’s houses, locked down buildings, arbitrarily entered people’s houses to disinfect, quarantine on the spot, and forced people to go to quarantine at field hospitals or other places of their choice.

A large number of videos on the internet show pandemic workers from all over China also rounding up people, tying people to march, criticizing and even arresting, detaining, and handing out fines to those who do not comply with pandemic measures.

Chinese human rights lawyer Wu Shaoping once told The Epoch Times that under the CCP’s extreme pandemic policy, many measures not only violate the Chinese Constitution but also trample on basic rights of human.

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