On Monday, the United States Department of Defense informed that two aircraft carriers entered the South China Sea for training. A senior leader of the U.S. military said that the activity shows the U.S. support for the regional allies.

On Sunday, two U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Groups led by USS Carl Vinson, and USS Abraham Lincoln began operations in the South China Sea. 

The Pentagon stated that the two would conduct anti-submarine warfare exercises, aerial warfare operations, maritime interdiction operations, and other training activities to strengthen the U.S. Navy combat readiness.

The statement also explained that all training exercises would be conducted in international waters, and follow international laws.

Rear Admiral J.T. Anderson, commander of the strike group led by the USS Abraham Lincoln, said, “Operations like these allow us to improve our combat credible capability, reassure our allies and partners, and demonstrate our resolve as a Navy to ensure regional stability and counter malign influence.”

The two carrier groups carried out joint exercises with the Japanese Navy in the Philippines sea, including the waters next to Taiwan.

The news about the exercises of the U.S. aircraft carriers occurred when the Chinese communist regime sent a record of 39 aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

Taiwan on Monday reported another incursion of 13 Chinese aircraft in the zone, with an anti-submarine Y-8, according to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry.

Taiwan called out the Beijing regime for its repeated military activities, which are intended to wear out Taiwan’s forces by forcing them to scramble repeatedly, as well as to test Taiwan’s responses.

Taiwan also claims parts of the South China Sea, a key shipping lane. Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines also claim parts of the sea.

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