On December 4, the Twitter user using the nickname “Teacher Li is not your teacher” resolutely declared, “I am self-regulating very well, I will not commit suicide, and I will not delete my account. If I have an accident in my life, a posthumous photo will be published by a CNN reporter @yongxiong2008.”

This user has made many netizens worry because their Twitter account has received international attention because of constantly updating hot news through videos about the “White Paper” protests of the Chinese people during the past week.

Under the dictatorial rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), people cannot freely express their views and opinions. As a result, many videos about “white paper” demonstrations across China last weekend stayed up for only a few minutes on the China Social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.

Therefore, this account, “Teacher Li is not your teacher,” is a reliable location for the Chinese people to deposit secrets inside the wall that the CCP regime created to hide from the outside world.

According to RFA, “Teacher Li is not your teacher” currently lives overseas and retains his online pseudonym for fear of reprisals. However, he faced many personal threats and attacks from pro-CCP trolls. Besides, some people in China try to discredit him by calling him a “mastermind” behind the protests just because he tweeted a few things.

Additionally, on December 3, police visited his house in China and investigated, significantly impacting his parents’ lives. However, the “Teacher Li is not your teacher” person told RFA that he thinks there is a strong need for a neutral, objective, timely and truthful voice reporting on what is happening in China. He added that his most significant role is to let people behind the Great Firewall know what is happening in China.

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