A group of Turkish lawyers stood up to defend the Uighurs living in China amid the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) malicious actions to suppress human rights in Xinjiang.

The lawyers told the Istanbul Attorney General’s Office on Jan. 4 that they had filed criminal proceedings against 112 Chinese officials, including the CCP leader Xi Jinping.

According to Creaders, Turkey’s “East Turkestan Lawyers Group” brought 19 Uighurs to a press conference held in the square in front of the Istanbul Palace of Justice on Jan. 4. They announced that they had filed the lawsuit on behalf of 19 people, including 9 Turkish citizens, and petitioned the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office to sue the Chinese government.

The lawyers detailed various crimes committed by the CCP in Xinjiang.

“The elements of genocide, crimes against humanity and torture in the broadest sense have been established, and all of the crimes set out in our indictment continue to be committed,” the group said.

According to information from the United Nations and related organizations, more than 3 million Muslim Uighurs have been detained in Xinjiang concentration camps even though they did not break any law.

The legal team also said that since Turkish nationals are among the clients, the relevant “general jurisdiction” provisions in the “Penal Code of Turkey” will apply to this case.

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