The Canadian Prime Minister has recently criticized the Chinese PLA military aircraft for interfering with Canadian military aircraft, calling the action [quote] “irresponsible and provocative.”

In a news conference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said China’s actions put people at risk while showing no respect for the decisions of the United Nations.

The Canadian aircraft were deployed to Japan to enforce United Nations sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles program.

The Canadian military earlier said that Chinese People’s Liberation Army military aircraft repeatedly interfered with its anti-submarine aircraft during their missions in the international airspace of the Asia-Pacific region. As such, few Canadian military aircraft had to quickly change their flight paths to avoid a collision.

Beijing denied this on Monday, June 6, saying that the UN Security Council has never authorized any country to send military forces to surveil the waters and airspace under the jurisdiction of other countries.

China also has a recent clash with Australia over a fighter jet incident. Australia accused the Chinese jet of threatening the safety of one of its maritime surveillance planes over the South China Sea. 

Australia said the Chinese J-16 flew very close to the Australian plane and released flares and chaff containing small pieces of aluminum that intruded the engines of its Poseidon aircraft. This was dangerous, and the aircraft had no choice but to return to its base.

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