Man accidentally discovers a ‘Tai Sui’ with apparent medicinal value, auctioned at $741

Recently, Mr. Mou, a Dalian citizen, appeared on the Internet and talked about a treasure, “Tai Sui,” which he picked up in May 2020.

Mr. Mou found a strange “tree stump” in the grass on the side of the road near Fuzhou Bay, Jinpu New District, Dalian. It is about half a meter high (about 1.6 feet) and cylindrical. The reddish-brown skin is wrinkled and elastic. It weighs 52 kg (115 pounds) and has grown to 60 kg(132 pounds) in just a few days while put in water.

Mr. Mou contacted an auction company in Shenyang . After expertise, the company believed it was indeed Tai Sui, a rare fossil. Due to its huge size and high value, the starting price was initially set at 5 million yuan (741 dollars).

In September that year, Mr. Mou received news from the auction company that Tai Sui was being auctioned in Singapore. Since then, it has not been auctioned again. According to Chinese media, its photo is still appearing on an art website, saying that it has very high medicinal value. The starting price is 1 million Singapore dollars. (723 dollars) [video]

Unfinished buildings in Henan: People in despair petition for help

After the Henan people experienced a deposit crisis at local banks, a wave of unfinished buildings also hit the people of this province recently. 

Footage shows a group of people fighting for their rights on July 31, due to unfinished buildings in Zhengzhou. Police also appeared and suppressed the protesters. The scene was tumultuous, and screams could be heard.

According to Chinese media, some people have also written petitions demanding that the problem of these unfinished buildings needed to be resolved.

There were petitions from citizens on the message board of the leadership of the Henan Provincial Government on July 31. One citizen introduced himself as the owner of Qinshui Town, Xinmi Green Area, Zhengzhou. The project has been shut down since July 2020. The contract stipulates that the project should be delivered in batches on December 30, 2021 and September 30, 2022. But until now, the construction can’t be delivered to homebuyers.

Chaotic scene: people crying, firefighter shows no rush  

Firefighters use a variety of skills to perform risky duties for their communities anywhere. Rescuers in firefighting need to think and act quickly to save people and minimize hazards.

However, a video on the Internet shows the firefighter working very slowly. Amid a chaotic scene of people crying because the house was on fire, this fireman came to ask, “Has the house closed the electrical system yet .” It took him twice to get enough information. The woman is worried at this time, so she says, “Hurry up.” The fireman turned away but still walked in equanimity. 

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