On June 30, two batches of Xinjiang Maiquer pure milk were found to have low-toxicity propylene glycol additives. Netizens in shock.

According to the state official media, the above statement was issued by the Qingyuan County Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province. Recently, the Bureau had announced the fourth phase of 2022 food sampling inspections. 

Netizens shared the test results found on two batches of Xinjiang Maiquer pure milk.

A resident commented she was pregnant, and this was the milk she had drunk. Another complained that the government failed so severely in food control. The majority of dairy consumers are children and the elderly.

Another netizen said that residents are struck because the milk they loved to drink was found to have dangerous additives.

Some say that their children love to drink Maiquer milk. They drink every day, and sometimes even two bottles a day.

Residents also said they would really appreciate it if the authorities could detect which foods contain toxins in time.

A resident named Mengniu Yili also recalled the incident of the milk containing melamine in 2008 that, as reported by Reuters, allegedly killed six babies and made 300,000 ill. Then, in 2010 there was a new scandal which alerted people: authorities found 64 tons of toxic milk powder with the deadly melamine. 

Yili said that the authorities said nothing, so the melamine is still safe now, and the food is also safe now because the authorities do not talk about it, either.

Residents feel authorities do not really hold accountable or take serious measures on this issue. 

They said they did not see the authorities explaining the delay in discovering that the milk contained the toxin.

According to a reporter from The Paper, on June 30, Maiquer dairy company is currently conducting an inspection. There are many product batches involving many channels and many categories to analyze. The company does not have specific results yet.

The reporter asked if Maiquer would recall the sold products or remove related products from the shelves. The staff member said that the specific measures are still unclear and would be decided according to the test results.

Currently, it is impossible to find the fourth phase of the 2022 food sampling inspection in the food and drug-related information disclosure column of the Qingyuan County People’s Government.

Some experts say that after people eat propylene glycol, about 45% will be excreted through the kidneys, and the rest will be metabolized into lactic acid in the body. If you eat in excess, the lactic acid produced cannot be excreted in time, and it will accumulate in the blood and kidneys, resulting in poisoning. It mainly affects the nervous system, causing slowed breathing, decreased heart rate, and loss of consciousness.

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