On May 20, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake shook Hanyuan County in the Western city Ya’an of China’s Sichuan province. The tremor was strong enough to be felt in neighboring areas.

Schools were in class at the time, and many students promptly sheltered under the tables or rushed outside for safety.

Then, at a particular class in Sichuan Shimian Middle School, a heartwarming moment was caught on tape.

According to surveillance footage that appeared on the internet, nearly the entire class evacuated the scene, except for a disabled student in a wheelchair who sat there helplessly.

Panic-stricken by the tremor, the disabled student’s deskmate lingered. Several others quickly rushed over to help.

One of them pushed other surrounding tables to make way for getting the wheelchair out.

Upon a closer look at the video, it turned out the student who shoved the tables away had been sitting on the front row. He could have been among the first people to exit the class, but his immediate reaction as the alarm sounded was to help the disabled classmate who sat at the back.

According to Howe Education Notes, the valiant pupil said they needed to be responsible for the disabled student to the end as his parents sent him to school and entrusted them to take care of him.

The teacher kept the door open during the commotion and waited for the group to leave entirely. Then, she was the last person to go.

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