Last week’s torrential rain and high river levels caused severe flooding in Guangxi. This week, Guangxi experienced a mudslide disaster on Saturday due to the heavy rain the day before.

In the early morning of June 18, a geological disaster occurred in Qundantun, Gudu Village, Liuzhou City, Guangxi. As a result, many houses and buildings were washed away, and five people were missing.

CCTV News reports that the auxiliary road between Rongshui and Xiangfen Township in Qundan Village has been so severely damaged rescuers had to travel on foot to reach the scene. The network signal is damaged, and traffic flow is not possible.

At night on June 18, after rescue efforts, all five missing persons were found to have perished.

According to a thorough examination of the most recent meteorological data from the Wuzhou Meteorological Bureau, heavy rain will fall in the northern part of the city from the 18th to the 19th, and moderate to heavy rain will fall in the south.

The current rainfall cloud is slowly moving eastward, and it is projected that in the next three hours, Mengshan County, Teng County, and most townships in Cangwu County will receive 20–40 mm of rain, while the rest of the country will receive 10–20 mm.

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