China is building more intensive care facilities and working to improve hospitals as the country saw a surge in COVID cases. Earlier, China announced a nationwide relaxation of its COVID restrictions. The number of COVID infected people in Beijing has surged sharply since the beginning of the month.

A recording of employees of the Beijing Babaoshan Funeral Home revealed that the funeral home is currently too busy and almost paralyzed because so many people have died.

As Radio Free Asia reported on December 14, cremation furnaces in Beijing’s Babaoshan Funeral Homes have been working at full capacity. And staff have to work 24 hours a day. The funeral home employee stated that the cremation appointment are scheduled a week in advance and that perion is extending. 

In a recent video posted on Twitter, several funeral home vehicles were reportedly waiting in line outside the Babaoshan funeral home.

Radio Free Asia also contacted Beijing Tongzhou Funeral Home. The staff stated that a six-day appointment is required for the cremation of the remains coming from funeral homes.

There are 12 funeral homes and about 90 incinerators in Beijing. Together they are able to process more than 4,000 corpses every 24 hours.

Following the relaxation of COVID restrictions, many people died in many areas.

Many vehicles parked in front of the Wuji County Crematorium in Shijiazhuang City on December 14.
Shenyang city in Liaoning Province also reportedly faces the same situation.

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