Poor housing construction exposed in Beijing

Chinese people have suffered from difficult situations and have been unlucky when buying a Tofu-dreg project. The apartment’s condition has often deteriorated quickly, with water leaks making people worry about the danger of living there even after a short time.

As reported by Sina, Xiaomeng, one homebuyer in Taihu, Tongzhou, said that she just got her house this year and discovered a large area had begun to leak in the home after heavy rain. Xiaomeng and her family had to hold pots and cans to catch water dripping from everywhere inside the house.

The developer of this project was once regarded as the leading big brother in China’s real estate industry. However, there are now more than 100 homebuyers in the entire community’s water leakage rights protection group.

Additionally, less than one kilometer away from this project, another luxury community in Taihu has the same problem. The homebuyer has had the house for less than a year and is still renovating.

She found that the basement had become a water hole, and water began gushing out from the exhaust outlet on July 27. There was also a problem with the water in the public area. The rainwater not only flowed through the cracks in the door into her home but also spread into the elevator room.

The quality of a building can be exposed after even a tiny amount of rain. Sina also points out that it has been 24 years since China’s housing reform, but the quality of Chinese housing has regressed.

Hebei: Hundreds of property owners took to the streets to fight for rights

Hundreds of property owners in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, went to the municipal Government and the Housing Authority to pull banners to protest on July 31.

  According to Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch they asked the government to explain. The commercial building was built by Hebei “Longji Taihe Real Estate Company,” which has been rated as an “excellent enterprise” by the government. The homebuyers can’t get the house at the time specified in the contract, causing huge losses to them. Besides, the authorities didn’t care about that, so it affected people’s basic livelihood.

After the protest, the authorities sent police to surround the protestors, and many of the protestors were forcibly taken away.

Iron chain bridge over 984 feet deep gorge in China

A video shared by Sina media shows that the iron chain bridge in Chongqing isn’t for the faint of heart. It has a width of a mere 14 feet and a length of 804 feet and is built at an altitude of more than 984 feet.

According to the Chinese media introduction, the maximum load-bearing capacity of this bridge can reach forty or fifty tons or 80,000-100,000 pounds.

The iron chain bridge is now the only shortcut support for the construction of the Chongqing-Hunan Expressway. External vehicles are not allowed to enter. However, the bridge will be retained for local tourism and other projects when the expressway is finished.

Many netizens also left comments when watching the video; most expressed fear and didn’t dare walk on this bridge.

Tree with the longest lifespan, 5000 years in Huangling 

An ancient cypress tree in the Xuanyuan Temple of Huangling in Shaanxi Province is called “Xuanyuan Cypress.” 

According to Chinese media, this tree is rumored to have been planted by Emperor Xuanyuan himself. It has witnessed China’s 5,000-year history and civilization. The most magical thing about Xuanyuan Cypress is that after nearly 5,000 years of wind and frost, it is still strong and beautiful, with lush branches and leaves. And the area covered by the canopy has reached 1916 sq ft.

No other cypress tree in the world is older than it, so it’s called the “Father of the world Cypress.” 

With the increasing number of extreme weather events in China, it faces challenges. Hopefully, it can still maintain its vitality [video].

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