Tiktok is one of the popular music and social networking sites among young people. Tiktok was founded by Zhang Yiming, the founder of the Chinese company ByteDance. It has been growing rapidly since 2016. However, Tiktok has faced many accusations during its activities.

Recently, the research of NewsGuard, a firm that monitors misinformation, published a September 14 report saying that nearly one in five TikTok search results presented false information.

TikTok is providing misinformation to users looking for information on politics, climate change, the COVID pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and more.

In response to NewsGuard’s study, TikTok did not directly deny the researchers’ findings but said, “We do not allow harmful information, including medical misinformation, and we will delete it.”

As reported by CNN, U.S. officials accused TikTok of spreading misinformation about the U.S. election in August. Tiktok has demonstrated its efforts to address this issue by announcing its partnership with the U.S. government to strengthen the fight against “harmful misinformation.”

In addition to being accused of spreading misinformation, TikTok is also accused of collecting data on users.

According to New York Times, on August 18, privacy researcher Felix Krause wrote a paper on TikTok’s in-app browser. He warns that it employs Javascript code that would let the app trace every movement from users as they navigate the browser.

Krause suspects that TikTok can subscribe to every text input on third-party websites rendered inside the app. He adds that this can include passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive user data.
This allegation shows that the Chinese regime will likely acquire the user’s information because the country’s national security law demands that companies are obliged to cooperate with the regime, including providing user information related to national security.

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