Recently, Tang Yangchun, general director of Tibet’s Guansheng Company, denounced fake PCR test results by the Lhasa, Tibet government on his social networking site. His account was quickly deleted. In the video, Tang called on those with the same experience to bravely stand up and tell the truth, and said that he would fight to the end.

Tang said, “I upload this video to denounce the fraud of PCR test results of Lhasa Pandemic Prevention Office and related PCR testing facilities in Lhasa by my real name.”

Tang said in the video that his son had a PCR test and tested positive in the early morning on October 3 and was taken to a field hospital that morning. However, the test result taken on the morning of October 4 was negative, making him very angry.

Tang said that the most remarkable thing is that the authorities immediately deleted the report of his son’s positive nucleic acid result. Then, when his family had not declared health problem, they arbitrarily changed his son’s red code to green. The health code changes color continuously like a traffic light.

Tang hoped the authorities would take note from his family’s incident, and call on those with abnormal nucleic acid results to stand up bravely and expose the unfortunate truth they went through.

He said, “I was really depressed. I was locked at home for two months, my company business slowed and life was turned upside down. It was terrible. I even wrote a suicide note. Well, the incident really pushed me to the point of death. I will hand over my two children to your government.”

However, an Epoch Times reporter discovered that Tang’s video has now been removed from the mainland online platform and the account “Guansheng Industry” which posted it, has also been deleted.

NTDTV quoted Hui Huyu, a commentator on current affairs in the U.S., “He still has hope in the government. It can be said that all ordinary people hope that the government will take care of their tragic living situation. But no matter how many appeals you make, the Chinese regime will not care. If your video is posted publicly, it will immediately be deleted and then they will threaten you. If you continue to resist, they will suppress you even more. That is the normal procedure the government often adopts.”

Hui said that from Tang’s case, it can be seen that people’s lives on the entire mainland have been pushed to a state of despair by the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy. But for the regime, “zero-COVID” is only for political purposes. For local officials and organizers of PCR testing, testing has become the most important concern.

NTDTV quoted Yu, a citizen in Ezhou, Hubei, “Cheating on nucleic acid test results is very common in China.” He added, “Especially in rural areas, there are many people who don’t get tested, and testing facilities can therefore only choose to falsify the data.”

Guansheng Tibet Industry Company has made charitable donations to Lhasa Children Welfare Institute and SOS Lhasa Children Village for the past two years.

Tang was once praised by the CCP as a conscientious businessman; but now he is silenced by the regime.

Shenzhen businessman Wang Yingguo said that the CCP is the biggest culprit, so it is futile to report wrongdoings to the government.

NTDTV quoted Wang Yingguo as saying: “I think every penny of mine must be used to tear down this wall. He (Tang) is a businessman with a conscience. I think a really knowledgeable person should make an effort in this matter.”

Wang added that the CCP has never told the truth, and it has never had basic respect for mainland people in particular and for humanity in general. Since coming to power, the CCP has beaten, killed, seduced, and deceived. Nucleic acid testing is just one method used to suppress dissidents and enslave the people.

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