As NTD reported, the Covid epidemic in Tianjin, one of China’s four centrally-run cities, is showing signs of worsening. On May 19, the Beichen district announced new stricter anti-epidemic measures.

The government notice asks residents to “not leave the property unless absolutely necessary.” If there is a special need to leave the residential area, people must apply for a permit.

In addition, except for vehicles related to medical, fire protection, material transshipment, and epidemic prevention, all other vehicles are not allowed to leave Beichen County.

Twitter account @yunyunfengfeng posted a video showing police stopping a woman traveling by car.

Another video on May 20 shows many roads in Beichen being blocked. Local government tents were set up for officials to control the people.

On May 19, a video that has gone viral on the internet shows a man getting out of Beichen by parachute. Local officials immediately said that this was a rumor, claiming that someone was exaggerating the epidemic in Tianjin to attract views.

Global Times, a China regime’s mouthpiece, on May 17, cited local authorities saying that the latest COVID-19 outbreak in Tianjin was linked to contaminated imported cold-chain food.

The China Communist Party’s newspaper also said that the government would carry out nucleic acid testing for the entire population in Dongli city and the Beichen district. This is one of the almost default measures adopted by the Chinese government to achieve “0-Covid”.

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