Tianjin has successively changed its anti-epidemic measures these days.

On May 24, the local disease control department reported 17 new local positive cases. Among them, there are six confirmed cases and 11 asymptomatic infections. As of May 24, Tianjin has listed 252 infected people in this new epidemic outbreak.

The local authorities announced a new round of nucleic acid testing for all residents across the city on the same day.

Tianjin continuously adjusts three target areas: closed area, control area, and prevention area.

For example, on May 24, District changed Yuejieli, Hongshunli Street into a closed area. People here must stay at home and utilize door-to-door services. Officials regularly conduct nucleic acid testing.

On May 26, Tianjin also issued a notice of “peaceful pause,” saying that they had just added a new demarcation control area in Heping District. This district will define a closed area and a control area.

A local citizen says it is 2:20 am. and it’s being sealed off. Many special police and staff are busy here.

A female nurse at the Tianjin Eye Hospital in Heping District said she had not been notified in advance. Everything was normal at work in the morning, but the medical staff was subsequently locked in the hospital, not knowing what to do. She heard from patients who came to the hospital in the morning that the outside had been shut down. However, she couldn’t go out, and thus, she didn’t know what was going on outside.

Li Hongzhong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, says that it is necessary to adhere to the rapid system, the rapid development, and the acceleration as well as the speed and efficiency to help control the epidemic. Therefore, the province can achieve “encirclement, screening, drying, and extinguishing.”

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