As Da Ji Yuan reported on February 13th, Chinese authorities have been preparing for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at all costs for many years and finally kicked off the event. It seems it was a “successful” opening. However, the Chinese government has had frequent miscalculations with many failures from the beginning to the competition.

The first failure: poetry in the opening ceremony

It is a sports-themed event that does not have much to do with poetry. Still, the Chinese government wanted to show its “cultural confidence” by pretending to read two lines of poetry at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. However, the line “Yanshan snowflakes are as big as a seat” in the poem says that “the wife misses her husband who died on the battlefield of Yanshan, no one collected the body, and no one covered him, so the wife hopes that the snowflake in Yanshan will be as big as a mat to cover the dead husband.”

Some netizens said, “This poem is used for the Beijing Winter Olympics, signaling that the day of the CCP’s brutality will soon come and no one will collect the body.”

The second failure: letting Uyghur athletes be torchbearers

Half the world has been paying attention to the terrible crimes committed by the Chinese regime in Xinjiang. However, the Chinese government wants to have a Xinjiang Uighur athlete be the torchbearer at the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony to deny “there is genocide in Xinjiang.”

However, the presence of a Uighur among many torchbearers at the rare Beijing Winter Olympics is not necessarily proof that the Chinese government did not commit genocide in Xinjiang.

Chinese authorities have locked up one million ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang concentration camps. 

The third failure: the ‘naturalization’ of Chinese athletes from other countries

The Chinese government has “naturalized” athletes from many countries for a long time. When the Chinese regime says “naturalization,” it uses big money to buy talent from other countries. It is impossible to produce similarly skilled sports professionals for the same money or even more.

The Chinese regime has always kept a low profile on the “naturalization” issue. Fifteen members of China’s men’s hockey team are foreigners; 11 Canadians, three Americans, and one Russian among the 25 players. There are far too few Chinese faces to excel in the sport of ice.

Looking through the medallists of all the Olympics, the winners from Europe and the United States often take sport for granted. They can win medals and even gold by competing in the Olympic Games as a hobby. However, the Chinese people are eager to win, and most of them pursue winning prizes and gold. Under the “just win, don’t lose” rule, they are often under heavy pressure and practice to win the award. 

The nationality of famous Chinese regime figures is one of the Chinese regime’s secrets that dare not be revealed.

The Chinese government hosted the Winter Olympics but got stuck in a global COVID outbreak. Beijing has no year-round snow, water, or electricity, and it is unfit to host any Winter Olympics. Along with the boycotts of different countries came the complaints of ordinary people towards the Olympics.

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