Recently, the epidemic in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, became a hot topic again, not because of the number of Covid cases but because the epidemiological research data accidentally revealed the stunning “leisurely life” of government employees.

According to NetEase, a few days ago, the article “Chengdu’s comfortable and wonderful institutional life in the epidemiological research information” based on the Sichuan government’s epidemiological investigation attracted widespread attention on WeChat. 

The WeChat article released the epidemiological data chronologically and reported on government employees’ confortable life during the pandemic.

The article describes Case 1, recorded in the epidemiological investigation located at No.15, Passage 4, Renmin South Road. This address is home to many government agencies and organizations. After working hours, government employees often stay there and have lunch at the Bean Soup Rice Branch.

Case No. 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all colleagues of Case No. 1. Four people leave work at 5 pm every day. Before leaving work, they can also go eat at Tode Casserole restaurant; after eating, they have some tea and chat. 

Their routine shows a stark contrast to what ordinary people and employees have to go through during the Zero-Covid policy. 

The office staff of Fudi Jinrong Dao located in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Park had to ‘run away’ due to the government’s strict epidemic measures, and ordinary people had to queue for nucleic acid testing after hours off and before work every day. 

Also, they worry about unemployment, income, and their future; while the life of a public servant is so idle.

Cases 6 and 7 are also very appealing. Both working locations are “No.1 Nan Shuanglin Branch Road” and “No. 18 Shi Erbei Road“, respectively, the First Tax Administration Department, the Tax Department of Chenghua District, Chengdu City, and the Civil Defense Bureau of Sichuan Province.

The article explains that “these government employees can arrive at the hotel an hour before leaving work and stay there for an hour, but the driving time from the hotel to their workplace is over 20 minutes. In other words, they can leave their workplace at around 3:30 pm, and go to Tode Casserole at 17:50 to party until 22:00.”

Even more interesting is that, in the epidemiological investigation information on July 14, it was found out that the government employees seemed to be at work one day and in a certain teahouse for 12 hours. Besides that, among the cases 8- 14, there are 4 people who are colleagues of case number 6, and their epidemiological information is quite astonishing. 

One case visited the International Finance Center (IFS) on a weekday. Another in the Longquanyi district worked hard for just over an hour. The article cannot help but exclaim: “During working time, they can even go to IFS and spend all day at a high-end shopping mall like Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu. This is really hard to do.”

For cases 15-20, although cases 15-18 are identified as being closely related to case number 6, judging from their workplace, they do not spend much time in the office. Their workplaces are at No.33 Tai’an Road and No.16 Yinsi Road.

No.33 Tai’an Road is the Tax Risk Management Department of the Chenghua District Tax Department, while No.16 Yinsi Road involves many units, so it is not possible to make an accurate judgment. Their working schedule is not fixed, from July 11 to July 15, in these five days, there are three days they leave work at 3 pm and two days they leave work at 5 pm. On the day they leave work at 3 pm, they go to the Haitang table tennis club and play until 6 pm. And on the day they leave work at 5 pm, they go to the tea shop opposite to have fun.”

Vision Times said that this article attracted great attention from WeChat netizens and was read by many people, but was eventually deleted by the network administrator.

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