In Francisco Umbral’s Spanish novel, Madrid 1940 Memoirs of a Young Fascist, he describes the anarchy in a city overflowing with violence, where dogs eat corpses at night, the streets are stained red, and the citizens turn to dissolution.

The life of the central character is a young man from the fascist ranks, adopted by the rite of José Antonio Primo de Rivera in his Falangist vogue, reveals the trafficking of girls and women among the military hierarchs.

There was trafficking of girls during the Chinese communist revolution in 1949 as evidenced by the life of Jiang Qing, the fourth wife of Mao, who headed the “gang of four” during the Cultural Revolution.

Jiang Qing, an actress in the 1930s married the communist leader in the city of Yanan in 1939. After his death in 1979, she was given a life sentence but in 1983 she was released. She committed suicide in 1991. Why?

The Communist Party is evil: It destroys the relationship between man and the universe

The world saw the light of day in a book titled: “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.” In its paragraphs one quote stands out above the rest, “In today’s China, ethics and morality have deteriorated to the point of prostitution, drugs, and conspiracies among officials.”

Mao’s degenerate and corrupt style drove the communist revolution

In his memoirs, Zhang Kegang, a senior Communist Party official in the Mao era, revealed that the “Great Conductor” officially had four wives, Luo Yixiu, Yang Kaihui, He Zizhen, and Jiang Qing, as well as 16 concubines in a semi-covert manner.

These revelations by Kegang led to his dismissal by Deng Xiaoping, who sent him to the Chongqing Federation of Literary and Art Circles for his treason.

In October 2011, an edition of the magazine: Open Magazine, Hong Kong, published a memoir written by the editor-in-chief Jin Zhong, titled, “Confessions of Mao Zedong’s Mistress,” where the life of Chen Luwen, one of the 16 concubines who in 1997 decided to tell the dissolute life of the great leader, went viral.

Chen was 14 years old in 1962, and danced in a communist art troupe. Her 5-foot 6-inch height made her stand out from the other girls, and this caught the attention of the boss at the Zhongnanhai concentration camp, where girls were confined to satisfy the powerful.

The Kongzheng and Public Security Art Troupe had access to this market of pubescent girls, sold for food to Party leaders such as Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De fu, strong men of the leader’s entourage.

Chen exposes the concupiscence of CCP members and their eventful life

“Lin Bao, Chen tells us, because of his addiction to White noodles, referring to opium consumption,” was the only communist boss who did not defile the girls,” “and yet, Chen continues, the military, Zhu, Ye, and Lao Deng, raped many.”

Chen had seen how, from Hangzhou, the Communist Party airlifted groups of girls for se to Mao’s entourage. And she told how Mao himself once asked her to introduce him to her ten sisters in Beijing, but she refused.

Chen, was so involved in the halls of the red sect, that when asked about Zhou Enlai, the highest among the communist officials, she said, “He had as a lover a Haisheng dancer, wife of a general, and added, Ai Bei was born, an illegitimate daughter adopted by a vice minister because she was not recognized.”

Later, it became known that Zhou Enlai’s bastard daughter wrote a memoir titled “Calling Father Too Heavy,” in which she openly confessed to being the illegitimate daughter of Mao’s second strongest man.

Nor did Deng Xiaoping escape corruption and promiscuity: During his tour in the Fourth Military District of the Southwest, he had an affair with a very young university student and left his wife for this woman.

Chen remembers Den Xiaoping “as a man of no merit of his own who had stolen Liu Bocheng’s fame, and hid behind Zou Jiahua, Li Peng, and Jiang Zemin, because he hated Mao Zedong to death.”

When Liu Suyuan, leader of the cultural and art troupe, denounced Chen and her friend for complaining about the “Great Conductor’s” sexuality and feeling disgusted by their status as prostitutes, Mao said, “These are rumors! Take Meng Jinyun and Chen Luwen away and beat their bodies.”

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