Fang from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, said a technician installed her house water purifier incorrectly. 

Filtered water was incorrectly connected to the sewage unit. Meanwhile, the sewage unit was connected to the pipe that supplies water for the family’s use.

This confusion has been going on for the past two years. However, it was not until recently, when they changed the water filter cartridge, that they discovered the pipe was installed upside down. As a result, her family has been using wastewater for two years without knowing it.

She says that the purpose of installing a water purifier is to have a better quality of life, but in the past two years, from the time she was pregnant until her son was born and grown, she has used much worse water than before.

Fang told the “1818 Golden Eye” Channel that her son has been drinking this water since birth and has a highly complex disposition.

The reporter of 1818 phoned the manufacturer of the Jianet water purifier that Fang purchased. Still, the Jianet representative said that the reporter needed to contact the right person in charge.

According to NTDTV’s report on September 27, Fang and the Jianet company have not yet reached a compensation agreement.

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