Recently, a group of thugs savagely beat a group of women in a Tangshan BBQ restaurant in Hebei province, China, on June 14. After that, hundreds of people lined up in the middle of the street to complain. It has become a hot topic of public debate.

In Tangshan, more than 100 individuals protested

According to the Economic Daily, at about 11:20 a.m. on June 14, a reporter from the “Xinhuanghe” newspaper noticed more than 100 petitioners at the Tangshan Public Security Department’s entrance. Some people waited on the side of the road, while others rode tricycles.

According to the newspaper, the (receiving) location has two reception rooms—one for individuals who bring documentation and another for those who directly report difficulties.

Due to overcrowding, everyone was jammed in front of the reception area, looking forward to entering as quickly as possible to complain/report their problems. Unfortunately, several petitioners had arrived there at 7 a.m., and still, after 4 hours, they were waiting to report their incidents.

In this regard, the Epoch Times cited netizens who said, “Unjust cases in Tangshan have stacked up like mountains, all petitions could overflow the Beijing city.” Things in Tangshan, you can see them everywhere.” “The one-party dictatorship is a tragedy.”

Tangshan: Hundreds of people knelt to complain, but many were forced into police cars

Another incident in Tangshan has also come to light. During the flood of internet condemnation following the Tangshan event, someone wrote an item on Weibo, according to the Sound of Hope radio station. The writer said an incident began at the end of May related to the Tangshan regime’s embezzlement of 480 million yuan (about 71.6 million dollars) in the residential construction supervision fund. It resulted in 1,384 householders losing money and still being without a home. Hundreds of people came to the gate of the city authority committee to kneel in protest, but the problem is still unresolved.

However, some Weibo screenshots were shared on Twitter, along with an image of netizens commenting: “The central government should investigate the financial flow properly, collect the funds, and repay them to the people fairly. Because there are lots of elderly people on this estate, I can’t speak up on Weibo, so please pay attention.”

According to some, building on this project has been halted since February of this year. The buyer heard from numerous sources that the construction supervision account balance was zero, and no money was left to continue the work.

“We believe the cops will get our money back,” they stated. The footage, however, shows that the scene of the grievances is truly tragic. Security personnel was suppressing protesters, and older people were being stuffed into cars by the police.

By June 15, all Weibo posts about the incident had been erased, and related keywords had been removed from the hot search. After that, only a few netizens continued posting, claiming that “the so-called Harmonious Society has been revealed,” and urging them to “share it on foreign networks.”

On Twitter, someone remarked sarcastically: “Hundreds of people in Tangshan knelt to protest, but the topic is no longer in hot search, and the video has been removed. Some individuals still believe in the Chinese dream and perceive Weibo as a court, believing that justice will be served in the end. How hilarious.”

Injustice cases in Tangshan have piled up like mountains

Tangshan saw a movement to condemn the horrible occurrence of women being attacked. “Tangshan injustice cases are piling up like mountains, petitions can swallow Beijing,” Chinese internet users exclaimed.

According to the Epoch Times, a huge number of victims and their families have complained about being harmed and having their businesses occupied by “gangster forces” in recent days. Many elderly parents have also appealed that their sons were battered or beaten to death, but the gangsters are still free to roam.

A female singer was beaten by a gangster group and kept in a dog cage, but the police disregarded her and made no attempt to solve the case. There was also a case of a female dance student who complained of being sexually abused and having her legs broken in broad daylight. Following that, one limb had to be amputated. In another case, several older adults disclosed the name of the mafia organization, violently destroying their property. However, nine years later, the police have still not formed a case, and prosecutors have failed to get results after eight years, etc.

On June 12, the Mainland China media NetEase published that “the Vice Governor of Hebei Province and the former Party Secretary of Tangshan utilized their power to support gangsters.” According to the story, the beating of the people in Tangshan was not a random scuffle. Instead, it was closely tied to Tangshan’s convoluted political and economic framework/system, allowing gangsters to thrive.

According to the story, the number of key Tangshan officials under investigation has risen considerably in recent years. Tangshan’s judiciary and public security systems are equally tainted. In the last two years, at least eight officials have been probed and fired.

According to CCTV, three of the nine people engaged in the Tangshan beating belonged to the “Tiananshe” gang, per Radio Free Asia.

According to public records, “Tiananshe” is a Chinese gang from Jiangsu province. This gang’s members all have dragon and phoenix tattoos on their bodies. They usually riot in the countryside, assault people, and are incredibly arrogant.

On the 14th, Dong Guangping, a former mainland police officer, told the Epoch Times that gangsters in China have the police on their side. The gangland cannot exist in the absence of police protection. Moreover, because the CCP is the largest gangster group, how could they allow another one to operate in their area? As a result, the others are proliferating in rural regions, proclaiming themselves emperors and receiving support from the local administration and police.

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