After the case of women beaten in Tangshan, a brutal murder happened in Tangshan a few days ago, where the killer stabbed two men to death. The report from Tangshan police deliberately downplayed it, calling it a “pricking incident in bushes,” Law enforcement’s use of words caused public ridicule.

A video posted on the Chinese Internet shows that on the afternoon of July 2, a murder occurred in a small forest in Fengdengwu town, Fengrun District, Tangshan City, where two men were stabbed to death. Police cordoned off the scene.

A resident told Jimu News that the crime scene was where nearby villagers often come to rest and entertain. One of the victims played the piano, and the other sang.

On the 4th, the Fengrun County Public Security Bureau, Tangshan City, issued a notice stating that at 5:25 p.m. on July 2, “two people had prick wounds” in a small forest in the town of Fengdengwu. The suspect stabbed Li Mouqiang and Zheng Mougang and fled the scene. Both victims died. A suspect, Zhang Mouwen, was arrested that night, and the case is currently under investigation.

Recently, Tangshan has become the focus of the general public because of the case of many gangs of men beating women. As a result, Tangshan police immediately launched a half-month-long public security overhaul campaign. However, the beatings in Tangshan have not yet subsided. In addition, a brutal murder once again rocked Tangshan and attracted the Chinese people’s attention.

Tangshan police called the murder a “pricking incident” on Weibo, and netizens mocked the police’s use of words. NTDTV compiled some comments from Chinese netizens:

  • “Whose tree was so powerful that it could injure two people;
  • They were pricked by a tree branch, huh;
  • Using this ‘prick’ word is not accurate. It sounds like being stabbed by a needle;
  • I laughed out loud. When I woke up in the morning, I was stunned. I thought someone was pricked by a tree branch. They call it a prick wound? Is the criminal their mother? Why use such (respected) words;
  • I’m from Tangshan. The Tangshan police have this way of saying: ‘Sexual harassment is called ‘talking,’ ‘being hit by a group of people’ is called ‘confrontation,’ and ‘being stabbed to death’ is called ‘having a prick wound;
  • Hitting a woman is called confrontation; stabbing someone to death is called leaving a prick wound, right?”

What netizens say about “beating women is called confrontation” refers to the fact that after the Tangshan beating caused a stir, the official media downplayed their handling of many groups of men beating up women. Instead, they said that the women’s group confronted the men’s group, which provoked public criticism.

The incident shocked Chinese society and was reported by foreign media. At 2 a.m. on June 10, a brutal beating occurred at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan. A man harassed a woman and was rejected, then started beating her. The man and his accomplices beat four women, and one woman was hit in the head by a man with a beer bottle, beaten to the point of having to be hospitalized for treatment.

As reported, at the time of the incident, the Tangshan police received a call but took a long time to arrive, and there were no arrests of those men on the spot. Tangshan police did not arrest nine people related to the case until the public outrage, and China’s Ministry of Public Security intervened. Public opinion questioned Tangshan police as the “protective umbrella” of the underworld.

This incident caused a wave of real-name reports in Tangshan, and many people reported Tangshan police and gang-related incidents by the regime’s officials on the Internet. At the interview office of the Tangshan Public Security Bureau, the citizens who came to report even stood in long lines. But so far, Tangshan police have not announced handling these reported cases.

Finally, the beating of Tangshan ended with the dismissal of the Deputy Director of the Tangshan Public Security Bureau’s Lubei Branch and the investigation of five people, including the director.

The four women who were beaten have yet to appear in public, and there has been no new official information about their situation. Police said in their last report that two women were hospitalized with minor second-degree injuries, and the other two suffered minor injuries. Previously, the main suspect was identified with moderate injuries by the hospital. Therefore, public opinion mocked that the person who was hit was not as badly injured as the one who did the hitting.

With the official suppression of public opinion, the Tangshan beating case gradually disappeared from the public’s attention. Finally, however, Wang Yanhui, a police officer in Langfang who is in charge of the case, released a video in which he reports local forensic doctor Ma Shichang has “disregarded the truth, falsified the results of an autopsy and illegal assessment, downplayed the victim’s damage in the case and defended the suspect.”

The public said that details of the case related to Wang’s accusations against Ma and whether it was related to the Tangshan case were still unclear. However, it has helped the public focus on the issue of women being beaten in Tangshan.

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