In response to a recent call between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, legislator Hsu Chi-Chieh 許智傑 from Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party said on March 19 that the US position is clear. He said that the US does not support Taiwan’s independence but will safeguard Taiwan’s freedom and democracy, based on the Taiwan Relations Act and numerous Taiwan-friendly bills.

According to Taiwan’s Liberty Times, Hsu Chi-Chieh also said that in the face of China’s hegemony and to maintain peace in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan would firstly build its own ability to defend itself like a “hedgehog,”

Secondly, Taiwan continues to make more friends and accumulate international support. He hopes that Taiwan can join the United Nations in the future.

Besides, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said that the security of the Taiwan Strait is closely related to the peace of the Indo-Pacific region.

It said that Taiwan opposes China’s coercion and will defend its national sovereignty and democracy.

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