Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra of Algeria held a briefing after a talk took place on Sunday, March 20.

In the briefing, Wang Yi expressed his disagreement with the international community’s imposition of economic sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine.

He said, “In the context of the ongoing pandemic, escalating unilateral sanctions will fracture the global industrial and supply chains and hurt the livelihood of people of all countries.”

In an interview with Epoch Times, Lin Tinghui, deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan Society of International Law, said on Monday, March 21, that China’s support to resolve the Ukraine crisis via negotiation is meaningless. He stated that the Chinese government is evading responsibility for the Ukraine crisis.

Also, in the briefing on Monday, Wang Yi said, “all countries have the right to decide their external policies independently, and should not be forced to choose sides.”

Lin Tinghui responded to Wang’s statement, saying that the international community did not say that they would revert to a Cold War mentality. Countries know which side they should take and question whether one country would want to side with a dictatorship when it infringes on the territorial sovereignty of other countries or not?

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