According to Reuters, on the national day of the People’s Republic of China, October 1, a small group of Taiwanese burned a Chinese flag on Taiwan’s south coast, near the place where China carried out a large-scale military exercise in August.

The Taiwanese group burned China’s flag on a boat and chanted many slogans, including “protect Taiwan to the death.”

Taiwan Statebuilding Party Chairman Chen Yi-chi told Reuters that burning China’s flag is not provocative.

He said, “How can burning the flag be extreme? If you want to show your resistance to defending Taiwan now, if burning the flag is extreme, what will you do when the artillery fire comes?”

Chen’s Statebuilding Party is one of the pro-Taiwan independence parties.

In contrast to Chen’s group, a small group of about 200 people from Taiwan People’s Communist Party gathered to celebrate the national day set by the Chinese Communist Party.

They sang China’s national anthem and waved the red flags in a rural part south of Tainan.

Chairman of Taiwan People’s Communist Party, Lin Te-wang, told Reuters that China is not a threat.

Lin said, “Military exercises are good for Taiwan because they show the majesty of China’s military force internationally.”

The Taiwan People’s Communist Party has no elected members at any level of government in Taiwan.

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