Taipei is doing all to fortify its defenses against a future Chinese assault. The island government is paying close attention to the Ukraine-Russian war and trying to learn lessons from it.

Taiwan will conduct the 38th Han Kuang military exercise.

The Taiwan defense ministry has announced on April 26 that the military exercises are its 2022’s largest war games.

Taiwan is going to split the annual exercises into two parts: a tabletop exercise and live-fire drills.

According to the defence ministry, the tabletop exercise in May will consider the lessons of the Russia-Ukraine war when looking at things like combat readiness.

The live-fire part will take place in July. During the five-day drill, they will use real weapons and other equipment.

This year’s exercise will focus on attacking the enemy at sea. It also intends to practice anti-beach landings.

China has made no secret of its desire to reunify with Taiwan, but Beijing is well aware of the strong pushback it will face from the West and that forging such a union will be tough.

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