About 58% of the US voters of all parties believe that the Biden administration should use US military power to protect Taiwan against aggression from China.

The poll was carried out in mid-January by the Trafalgar group which has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This group has accurately predicted the result of the 2016 presidential election.

Specifically, 56.2% of the Democrats, 57.4% of independent voters, and 60.8% of the Republicans supported the United States to help Taiwan with the military.

Data from the poll show a significant change in American voter awareness of Taiwan and the Chinese Communist Party.

A previous poll was found by the Chicago Council in August 2021, nearly half of Americans even protested the sale of military equipment to Taiwan.

The President of Convention of States Action, Mark Meckler, said that the leaders of the country often forgot that American people are very quick to capture the nature of foreign threats.

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